Friday, October 06, 2006

My new purse

My new purse came today in the mail. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal. I got a new purse. Woo hoo. Well, here is a picture of it.

Okay, so it’s not actually a purse. It’s a Discovery Toy Chest. But my mind works in strange ways. I despise going up to strangers and pushing toys. I feel as though I’m the smarmy guy a block away from the school ground trying to sell crack cocaine. “Pssst. Hey buddy.”

I thought if I carried around this purse, people would say, “Oh, that’s a cute (interesting, strange, insert your own adjective) purse. Where did you get it?” To which, I could respond, “Discovery Toys, which I sell. You could earn this and other toys for free, yada, yada, yada.”

I personally thought this was a good idea. My husband smirked at me. My friends outright laughed at me and then said, “You’re not REALLY going to carry that around in public, are you?”

Well, after I received my purse today and stuffed all my belongings into it, I took off to run errands. Sonic, Beauty Brands, Franklin Covey, and Wal-Mart. Before I hit Wal-Mart, nobody had even looked at me cross-eyed. Imagine my joy when a woman in Wal-Mart said, “Oh, that is so cute! Where did you get your purse?” YIPPEE! My plan worked. After a few minutes of conversation, the Wal-Mart lady was interested in hosting a party and is excited about the free toys she can get for her son. Do I rock or what?

Imagine the look of shock on my husband’s face when I came home and related my news. “You mean that thing actually works?!” Yes. Yes, it does!


Sparky said...

Oh he will never admit he may have been wrong, we dont have that gene.

Hulai said...

That totally rocks! Great idea!

Irene Tuazon said...

I want one! c",)

Julie said...

Nice. You work it girl.