Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Illiterate librarians

Don’t you think that if you get a job in a library you should be required to know your freaking alphabet?! I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. That just seems like a pre-requisite for the job!

After dropping Eli at preschool this morning, Georgia and I went to the library (after stopping off for coffee) to pick up a book I had on hold. I decided it would be easier to go with just Georgia since Eli manages to snag 2-3 DVDs every time we enter the library. I put Georgia in her stroller and was immediately faced with the men who go out of their way to avoid opening the door for me. Yes, here comes a mom with a stroller trying to maneuver her way in the door. Let’s go through another door instead of offering to help. That seems f*cking reasonable, doesn’t it? I wish I had the phone number of their mothers. It’s not as though I’m helpless. I have my stroller driving down to an art form (I only hit people when I want to – and trust me, sometimes I definitely want to), and I can maneuver through a door in record time. That does not mean I don’t appreciate it when someone opens the damn door for me. And did I mention it was raining?!!

But I digress. Once we entered the library, I went over to wait my turn in line. I had been on the waiting list for this particular book for a few months, and I was excited it was finally in. This is one of my money-saving tips. I have stopped buying books for myself, which was a very costly habit for me. Now, I just check them all out from the library.

When I sidled up to the desk, I immediately spotted my book on the shelf. I whipped out my wallet to get my library card. Not there. Crap. Eric had picked up a DVD for me last week and had not returned my card. The woman said that was okay. She just needed my driver’s license. I handed her my license, and proceeded to watch her type in my name incorrectly three times. Grrrr . . . I finally said, “Can’t I just give you my library card number? Would that help?”

She glared at me. “You know your card number? And you’re just telling me this now?!” Oh no she didn’t! I assumed since she asked for ID, she needed ID. She didn’t ask for my freaking card number!

Once she finally pulled me up in her system, she turned around to look for my book on the shelf, which is alphabetized. My last name starts with an F, and I saw my book right there under F. Miss Charm School was looking under G, then H. Then she turned to me and said she couldn’t find it. I then lunged across the desk and grabbed her neck . . . oh no, wait! That’s just what I wanted to do. I actually said, “Really? Because I can see my book right there on the shelf.”

She turned up her nose. “Where?!” I pointed. “Right there.” And recited the title and the author. She then saw it and said, “Well! It’s in the wrong place. How am I supposed to find it when it’s in the wrong place?!” Good Lord, this woman needed a smack. Followed by spelling lessons.

I finally got my book and off I went. I decided to forego the rest of my errands. If errands start out like that, they usually just go down hill. So, I think going home was a wise decision on my part.

On an unrelated note, I decided to make an easy dinner and fixed Julie’s Ziploc omelettes! Yum-o!!! I added cheese, diced ham, onions and green peppers! Highly recommended!!


Sparky said...

well she was a shrew, and i thought it was bad when i have to give them directions to find my smokes. EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE IN THE SAME PLACE EVERYTIME I GO.

so what was the book??

Penny said...

I could teach her the ABC's! I'm actually still certified to do so! I know what u mean about the stroller! Where have manners and just plain niceness went?

Hulai said...

oh those omlettes sound sooper dooper! Jeeze I would have wanted to smack the librarian too!!

Matt said...

I used to work at a library back when I was in high school and the librarian you were dealing with was someone we in the industry liked to call "stupid."

jenny mclellan said...

First of all, let me just say that I HATE people who don't hold the door open for women (or men) with strollers. It's just plain rude. I will go out of my way and run ahead just to help someone. And secondly, yes, I think the library bitch needed to be taught a lesson...first on manners, second on customer service and third on the alphabet. I work in an office where I file a LOT, and often have to sing the ABC song to myself, just to be totally should have started singing the ABC song to her!

Morgen said...

Yesterday morning, while leaving the bank, a huffy young man (who works at the bank as a loan officer) entered the bank in front of an elderly woman with a walker. He did NOT hold open the door for her.
I stepped up and held the door for her -- she smiled at me and said "thank you" like no one ever holds doors for her. Whatever happened to freakin' common courtesy?
I often hold doors for people (the exception is people on their cell phones) whether they're women, men, disabled, etc just because that's the way I was raised.

As for illiterate library wench, I bet she says "Li-berry" too! (one of MY all time pet peeves! -- I need to do a pet peeves list for a Tuesday 12 -- idea will be credited to you!)

Hope you enjoy your new book!
(If it's fiction, you could write a review for Writers, Ink when you're done!!!)


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Sunrunner said...

People have forgotten what *&^&*^& courtesy is!!!!

I have the same book habit you do, but then combine it with constantly forgetting to take it back and working tons of OT. Buying the book ends up cheaper for me.

And no, librarians don't HAVE to know hwo to spell, they just have to know how to input the books into the computer. Supposedly, they have to have a MASTER'S degree for the Dewey decimal system.

Neila said...

Okay, the book is Angel's Fall by Nora Roberts. I love her, and her books are one of my guilty pleasures, so no comments from the Peanut Gallery.

And yes, Morgen, I would love to write a review when I'm done! Since it is due back in three weeks, I have a feeling I won't be done one minute before that! :-P

crazymumma said...

arghhh! That sounds so frustrating. I hate rudeness, and it sounds like you got whammied by a few rude folks today. Hope it gets better.....

Sparky said...

no comments from me, i read Anne Rice

Sunrunner said...

Aaaand evidently I can't spellcheck myself this week. I just found my own typo.

Julie said...

I'm so glad someone's finally trying the ziploc omelettes. I still haven't tried them myself! LOL