Thursday, October 05, 2006

13 Pet Peeves

I’m sure I have many more than 13 pet peeves, but these are the ones that came to me off the top of my head. Happy Thursday Thirteen!!

1. People who hang up the phone without saying good-bye – My brother says, “I have to go.” Click. I was on the phone with my neighbor yesterday (Not Stalker Betty, but Crazy Donna), and she said, “Take care.” Click. Don’t people say good-bye, bye, bye-bye. I’d take any of those!

2. Men who don’t change diapers – I have actually met women who can’t be away from the house that long because their husbands refuse to change diapers. I can’t believe these women don’t leave these self-centered Neanderthals. I truly believe there is a special place in hell for men who don’t change diapers.

3. Mock apple pie – a pie made out of soggy crackers. WTF?

4. Boobahs and Teletubbies – I know I have mentioned in previous blogs how much I despise these evil characters and want them to die a slow, painful death. It’s worth mentioning again.

5. People who forget to eat – Yes. I have come into contact with a person who said, “I was so busy, I just forgot to eat!” I often forget my age, and there have been times I have forgotten my children’s names, but forgetting to eat? Are you freaking kidding me? You have to be a special kind of stupid for that one.

6. Middle of the night cat gack – My cat’s favorite time to have a hairball is around 2:00 – 3:00 a.m. He strategically gacks it up near a doorway, so I can step in it when I get up to check on my daughter or go to the bathroom. Cat gack between your toes is a very unpleasant feeling, especially in the middle of the night.

7. Men who say, “What’s wrong with you? Is it that time of the month?” Or worse – “Are you on the rag?” Any man who says this is taking his life into his own hands because that is grounds for justifiable homicide.

8. Markers that stain – Just spend the extra money and get Crayola markers. The cheap ones stain clothes and faces. Children don’t enjoy getting a rubdown with nail polish remover to get marker off their faces.

9. People who give Eli the eye. Yes, I know my son has quite an imagination, and bops to the beat of his own 4-year-old drummer. Sometimes, this entails him dancing down the hall in full-bodied dance spasms. But I don’t like people giving him the eye that says, “Look at the weird kid.” He’s four! He’s creative! Even if he does often act like Stuart from Mad TV. (If any of you don’t know who that is, please enjoy the video clip below.)

10. Dead people in commercials. I love Audrey Hepburn, but I do not need to see her selling pants for the freaking Gap!!!

11. Children at R-rated movies – I would have enjoyed The Ring much more if the woman in front of me hadn’t decided to bring her 7-year-old and 4-year-old with her. Did she think the fact that there were children in the movie made it a family film?!

12. People who don’t RSVP. If I have any sort of a gathering that requires an RSVP, the people that refuse to do so, owe me the money for their share of the food.

13. A bed made incorrectly. Yes, this is part of my OCD. After 12 ½ years of marriage, my husband finally learned the right way to make a bed. They’re called hospital corners. It’s not that difficult!


Tug said...

#3 - seriously?

I'm a special kinda stupid, and have forgotten to eat. It's not a priority, never has been. Kids, nephews, etc. etc. have been...I have BEEN "that person".

Happy TT, mine are up!

Jenny said...

HAHAHA!! Your list made me laugh. But #3... I've forgotten a lot. Especially when I get conned into doing something stupid with a family member.

Happy Thursday!!
My TT is up if you wanna look at it.

Peri said...

happy tt
yeah mock apple pie.....
i like my bed made the right way, too. It just starts the day off good

Janene said...

Okay ~ hubby won't change a poopy diaper unless he HAS to. He's never made me rush home to do it, though. I guess I'll have to take it. Baby Boy's been doing the #2 when hubby's at work so it's been a non-issue lately.

2nd...Teletubbies are the only reason I am able to shower every other day. Seriously, I'm not a fan...but they can't die a slow, painful death for at least 2 or 3 more years.

Finally, Thank you ~ Thank you for mentioning Audrey Hepburn. I asked my in-laws if that was her in that Gap commercial today and they both looked at me like I had 6 heads. "It can't be, she's dead." said the FIL. No kidding?

Happy Thursday! :)

Hulai said...

Mock apple pie!!! What! Thats just wrong! I have to agree with you on that and the dead people in commercials!

Silver said...

Mock apple pie?! What is the world coming to? Happy TT:)

jenny mclellan said...

OK, cat gack made me laugh out loud. That's why my cat lives in our basement, so I don't step in it during the night! And husbands who don't change diapers irritate me too, I've already made it clear to my husband that when we do have children, he will participate in that lovely activity whether he wants to or not!

Patchwork Anahata said...

Needed that Stuart video. LOL!
That's sad that someone brought their children to see The Ring; that movie was VERY creepy.

Caylynn said...

Too funny! :) You'd be driven crazy by our bedroom then, our bed is just haphazardly thrown together. The only time things are nice and neat is on the weekend when we've put a fresh set of sheets on!

Thanks for stopping by and happy Thursday. :)

Morgen said...

That was an awesome TT!!!
That Stuart video was just what I needed this morning! Thanks!

Morgen said...

Hey Neila -- I just completed my third Thursday Thirteen at Purrchance To Dream (
Come by and check it out when you get a chance!
I also just joined the official TT website! Whooo-hhhhooooo, Daphne & Chloe are gonna get FAMOUS!
Thanks, Morgen

Julie said...

Yeah, my Mikey is that special kind of stupid who forgets to eat. That's why he's always been thin. I try to look at it as a blessing, like perhaps our children will be like that too and not have to suffer the life of a chubby kid as I have.

And yeah, those Gap commercials are really creepy. Who would buy those pants anyway but 14 year-old girls and Kate Moss lookalikes. The rest of us have CURVES!!!

Sadie said...

Okay, I was thinking Yes! to the not saying goodbye, the forgetting to eat, especially the cat gack, but #13? thank you very much! WHY, why, why can my hubby not just go ahead and make the hospital corners? Why does he have to tease me about my NEED for hospital corners?

You're my new best friend.

Chaotic Mom said...

Yes, #7 could be grounds for justifiable homicide. I'm betting it's been used before, too. ;)

I've posted my Thursday Thirteen, too. Enjoy!

N. Mallory said...

O.K. #1 is the result of the fact that no one does it on television and therefore after all of these years, people think it must be o.k. I've recently noticed this phenomenon myself and have been rather annoyed by the rudeness.

#6 cracked me up.

Aaron said...

I lost count in how many times I have asked you, "are you on the rag?"... esp. when you were giving me attitude in the drive through window.. BTW, I slapped a Junior Leaguer yesterday for telling me that my hair was "werid".. was fired immediately and now will be working for caribou.. I don't know when I will be starting but we need to go get a fatty piece of cake and coffee some where... --Aaron

Penny said...

I totally agree with you on #2. My hubby changes as many or more diapers than I do sometimes. #3~~~I'm not sure they're evil but they are extremely weird! #5 -Forget to eat? I'm with you! That takes a special kind of stupid! #7 - As if that's the only time we can be in a bad mood or act strange. So obviously doesn't live with me on a day to day basis! #11 - There is a reason rated R is for people 17 or over! Loved your TT as usual!

Jessica said...

Great list!

slackermommy said...

Oh yeah, that could be my list except I'm bad about the RSVP thing. I enventually do but it may be the day of. The sad thing is that I do this when I hate it being done to me. I have a problem.

Karri said...

I'm that special kind of stupid, sometimes I get so busy that food doesn't even enter my mind.