Friday, October 13, 2006

Mike from Everest Cable

Okay, it is obvious that Mike who works in customer service for Everest Cable does not have children.

The usual daily routine in our house is that I put Georgia down for a nap after lunch. I then turn on the TV to Noggin or Nick Jr. for Eli so he can stay entertained and quiet while Georgia naps. This is my time to get some work done. Maybe it’s not a great system, but it works for us.

I do not like it when someone screws with my system. About 15 minutes into Go, Diego, Go, here comes Eli. “Mommy, the electricity is out!” What? Crap. I knew the electricity was not out because the computer was working, but still, there was a problem.

I went into the family room, and the TV was blank. I flipped the channel to Nick Jr. Blank. I flipped to Disney. Blank. I went into the bedroom and turned on the TV. Blank. Double crap.

Eli is running around the house screaming, “Fix it, Mommy! Fix it!!” All the while, I am screaming “SHHHHHH!!!! Do NOT wake up your sister!”

I searched for Everest's number and got a hold of Mike. I informed him our cable was out. I got the usual “Huh!” (Is that just a freaking guy response?!) He had me reboot my cable box. When it came back on, it was on channel 2, which worked. I then turned it back to Noggin. Blank. Nick Jr. Blank. Disney. Blank.

Mike said, “Well, we are having an outage on the children’s tier of channels.” (He couldn’t have told me that in the first place?!) “Did you try any of the other channels before you called?”

Okay, look Mike from Everest cable. I have a 4-year-old. There ARE no other channels. Mike didn’t seem to get that. Eli was becoming increasingly irate that his show was not back on. I asked Mike if he knew how detrimental it is to my schedule and my daughter’s nap when the TV goes out in the middle of Go, Diego, Go. Silence. Apparently, he does not.

He said, “We’re working on fixing the problem as fast as we can, Ma’am.” Grrrrr. . .

I said, “Okay, well is the problem going to be fixed before it’s time for LazyTown?” Silence. I rephrased my question. “Is the problem going to be fixed before 3:00?” Mike said he didn’t know

Okay, Mike from Everest Cable, that is really not helpful to me right now. If that TV is not on before LazyTown, I’m driving my son down there and you can deal with the temper tantrum. Mike reassured me again they were working on the issue. So, I bid adieu to Mike from Everest Cable, and prayed that Nick Jr. would be back on by 3:00.

Thank God, it was. All was well, and heads did not have to roll.

Mike does not know how lucky he was.


Hulai said...

Ha, Mike sounds like he could work for Cox! They are about as useless as a sack of pennies!

slackermommy said...

Isn't funny how waking a sleeping child or no kid t.v. can turn us seemingly normal moms into raving maniacs?

Morgen said...

I think you should have put Eli on the phone with ol'Mikey.
That would've fixed his LazyTownAss

Julie said...

I second Morgen's idea.

Anonymous said...

We once had a genius from Comcast come by to fix something. He asked my wife if we ran a day care. "No," she said icily. "We just have four children."

It's a good thing cable repair people don't live off of tips.

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