Thursday, October 19, 2006

13 Random Things About My Week

1. My neighbor - My next door neighbor came over this week. She’s nice, but a little off. (Come on, we all know people like that.) I could barely control my laughter when she was getting herself something to drink and asked me, “Where do you keep your ice cubes?”

2. Eli’s accent – If you’ve read some of my past blogs, you probably know my son’s favorite show is LazyTown. LazyTown is filmed in Iceland, and apparently the stars are VERY popular there. Eli has now watched LazyTown so much, he is beginning to speak with an Icelandic accent. . . I’m really not kidding.

3. Georgia’s gender – I was in Wal-Mart this week when someone asked me if Georgia was a girl or a boy. She has hair down to her shoulders, and was wearing a pink top and jeans with pink and red hearts on them. Are you freaking kidding me?!

4. I can’t do math in my head – (or with a calculator half the time) Not a brand new realization, but confirmed this week after I did a Discovery Toys party and overcharged everyone on shipping. Don’t worry, I gave them all a refund. They were not amused.

5. Preschool moms – I find the other preschool moms constantly entertaining. I’ve related to you before how difficult it is to go grocery shopping with both children. If I get the chance to go by myself, it’s a little slice of heaven. I heard some of the other moms talking one day when I was dropping Eli off.

One mom said, “I need to go to grocery store, but I'll wait until I after I pick up (daughter). I really like to take both of the kids with me. It's fun. Especially on a cloudy, rainy day."

Other mom, "Oh, I like to go shopping with all the kids too!"

It’s official, dear readers. The preschool moms are f*cking lunatics!

6. Nyquil – Well, Nyquil has been reformulated. No longer do you have to buy it behind the counter at the pharmacy. Why? Because they took out the f*cking decongestant. That’s right! No pseudophedrine, no phenylephrine. Nothing! The whole damn reason I take Nyquil is so I can breathe at night! Apparently, if you want the luxury of breathing at night, you now have to buy Nyquil Sinus. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice this new little development until I got home from Wal-Mart with my purchase. WTF?!

7. Baby genius – I was watching Georgia write yesterday, and I noticed that she holds her pen correctly! She doesn’t just hold it in her little fist and scribble. She actually holds it correctly in her little fingers and writes. She is a genius. Maybe she’s going to be a writer like her mom. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

8. Milk nog – Half egg nog/ half skim milk. For those of us who love our nog, but are trying to be health conscious. It’s actually better than regular egg nog. And great in coffee! Yum-o!

9. I miss the 80’s – Again, probably not a new realization, but sometimes I lose myself in the 80’s. I dressed Georgia yesterday in a long shirt and bright blue leggings. I wish I knew someplace where I could find baby leg warmers!

10. I don’t miss the 70’s – I’m sure you all know of the goucho phenomenon. Some of you may actually own a pair. 30 years ago, they were called culottes. Just because they have doubled the price and changed the name, they still make my legs look fat, and I refuse to buy a pair. As I was on my tirade, my husband reminded me of the fluorescent jewelry I wore 20 years ago. So, what’s his point?! That was a fashion statement!

11. I can’t take compliments – For some reason, I am not good at this. If someone says they like my shoes, I say, “I got them for $8.99 at Payless!” This week, someone told me they really liked my hair. My response? “Yeah, I just got it bleached, so my roots aren’t showing now.” WTF is wrong with me?! Why can’t I just say thank you?!

12. I’m a girlie girl – As much as I try not to be, sometimes I just can’t help it. My girlie girl status was confirmed this week when I bought Georgia’s Halloween costume. She’s going to be a fairy. Complete with a frilly dress, wings and a wand. I’m only sad they didn’t have it in my size.

13. Credit cards on order forms – As a Discovery Toys consultant, I have taken a lot of orders the past few weeks. If someone gives me a credit card, I just write the number on the order form. I’ve been at several Pampered Chef/Tastefully Simple/Passion/Mary Kay/Jewelry parties, where they have done the same thing. This week I wondered what ever happens to those order forms. Does the consultant eventually throw them away? With my credit card number on it? I am now extremely uncomfortable with this whole process. (For anyone who orders from me, don’t worry. I’m a shredder!)

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amy said...

I can not wait to try milk nog..sounds yummy

scribbit said...

Someone was in line behind me at Walmart and heard me call to my son Spencer and then said, "SPENCER! That's my DAUGHTER'S NAME TOO!" in this shrill excited way. I'm not sure why she would think I'd be pleased at her androgynization of a perfectly good name.

Colleen said...

Okay, this is the first time i've been to your blog and I am cracking up. CRACKING UP. now take that as a compliment and don't tell me that you bought your thoughts at target for $2.99. haha. Your one on preschool moms had me rolling on the floor. good one! I'm bookmarking you!

Colleen said...

oh yeah, and MILKNOG! SCORE. getting some next time at the store.

Tracie said...

Wow...I am going to have to try milknog in coffee. It does sound yummy.

I only have one kid, but I am with you the preschool moms that want to take all the kids shopping are crazy!!

Loved this list....I am going to go check out some of your other posts.

Kim said...

I am the say way with complements!

Sally said...

Thank you for introducing MilkNog into my life! I've always loved EggNog, but it's just too much. I think the mixture with the milk will be just heavenly.

Were those preschool moms for real?

Bubba said...

I cringe now at the mere mention of the term "80s". I was at a friend's house when her daughter walked in, and noticed that Bon Jovi was playing.

When I expressed surprise that she knew the song, she said "oh, yeah, I love the 80s...the oldies are great!"

AARGH!!! lol

Happy TT!

The Mumma said...

The aren't legwarmers, but are close:

Oh and even though I dress my Elijah in blue and he looks pretty masculine for a 6 month old, people still ask me, "How old is she?" *rolls eyes*

A chuisle said...

great post!!! I love this blog. :) You've got great humor. :)

and, i'm sure your daughter is very girly, the person at walmart probably just assumes you tried to save money by putting said child in hand-me-downs, regardless of gender. I say this, because that's probably what s/he does. ;)
I know people who've done that...


anyway, yay, great blog!!!
you are more than welcome to visit mine... I am tempted to do the thursday thirteens but I already have a weekly post to do on thurs. and i'm afraid i'm not that interesting to come up with thirteen....i'll try!


Morgen said...

Milk nog.
Hmmmm. As a confirmed egg nogger, I am cynical.
But WAY willing to try it in my coffee.
excellent TT

I'm having TT brainfart today
or should I say Daphne is... TT is on her blog, afterall....

maybe I need some milk nog in my coffee...
or at least another cup 'o joe!

Sparky said...

I hate this new decongestant rule! Do you know how much Claritin D I would have to buy and stockpile to run a meth lab? Honestly I was curious :) j/k

And I dont even take Mrs Duck shopping with me, I cant imagine it with toddlers messing up my mojo.

Sadie said...

that's a good list. I don't get the "boy or a girl" question. Of course, I could just be still traumatized when someone asked me that question in seventh grade shortly after a very unfortunate haircut.

Chelle Y. said...

My son loved "Lazy Town!" That stupid theme song was always in my head, and thanks to you, it's there again! Haha!

slackermommy said...

Great list! The moms in #5 are fucking liars. They only talk like that to cover up the fact that they hate their life and their wretched little preschooler is driving them to drink. Those kind of moms drive me insane!

I can't take compliments either. I do the same thing. I'm so afraid of coming across as a snob. I hate snobs.

I'm a girly-girl too! Maybe too much of one because I've found out from reading blogs that people make fun of women with pink cell phones. Ouch, that hurt!

Morgen said...

I'm LOL over Slackermommy's comment....
anyway, Neila: you've been tagged for a Weird Meme at
It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

Penny said...

I know what u mean about the gender thing. People ask if Charlie is a boy or girl all the time and I don't really think he ever looks like a girl. Those preschool moms have got to be full of sh**! He's definately not dressed girly! How can some idiot reformulate Nyquil? That's the whole damn reason I take it too! Ugggh! I miss the 80's too and I feel the same way about gauchos - they're still culottes! Loved your 13 as usual! Here's the link to mine:

David said...

#6 - I found out the same thing you did last week when I had a bad head cold and kept taking Dayquil to no effect. When I finally looked at the active ingredient, the Pseudoephedrine HCL had been replaced with Phenyl Eprhine. PE works in a nose spray but doesn't do much when taken orally. Nyquil doesn't even have Phenyl Ephrine. Now, you might as well take a shot of rum and a couple of Tylenol. The switch was effectively mandated by the DEA and the effective date was Sept. 30th. I created a blog to let everyone know about it. I'm also thinking of starting a letter writing campaign. This is definitely a reversible decision. I have three kids and my wife is a teacher - I really need my decongestants! Anyway, if you want more info or if you know anyone else with a cold, visit I am going to be updating it pretty frequently to let people know which decongestants have changed, how and what people can do about it.

tiggerprr said...

The Nyquil thing is insane! :(

Those preschool moms, are crazy, or on "Old Nyquil".

Love your sense of humor! :)