Friday, April 03, 2009

The 'S' Word

I've tried so hard to make sure my kids don't use bad words. Two words I despise are "hate" and "stupid". It is difficult to keep them from these words since they pop up frequently on children's shows.

And there are still times when I'm not thinking. The other day when Eli came in to tell me, "Mama! Mama! Mama! They said the 's' word on SpongeBob!"

I was shocked! "They said what?"

Eli: "The 's' word! They said the 's' word!"

I was thinking that surely they wouldn't say that word on SpongeBob. So I finally asked Eli, "Honey, did they say 'shit' on SpongeBob?"

Eli looked at me mortified. "NO! They said stupid!"

So, I'm the one that ended up teaching him a new word. Great!

Eggo Bake Shop Twists are a big hit!!

I love the blog tours where we get to try new foods!! My kids are huge fans of breakfast foods, and often go for Muffin Tops, Cinnamon Toast Waffles or Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

When I found out that Mom Central was doing a blog tour for Kellogg's new product, Eggo Bake Shop Twists, I was very excited. They sent me two coupons in the mail, so I went out and bought s box of the strawberry Bake Shop Twists and a box of the apple Bake Shop Twists. This was on Tuesday. When I got home, I showed my son and said, “Look what I bought!” His response was “Oh! Can I have one? Can I have one?” And for the rest of the day, he kept asking, “Can I have another one? Can I have another one?”

I asked him which one he liked better, the strawberry or apple, and his response was, “The strawberry . . . no the apple . . . no, definitely the strawberry . . . they’re both really good!”

They came four in a box, and by Thursday morning, they were gone. I did get to taste one before my son and my husband devoured them all, and I definitely agree with my son. They are yummy! A lot of frozen pastries that you get have a weird, processed shell-like thing for the pastry portion. The Eggo Bake Shop Twists actually taste like a real, nice soft pastry! They are good!!

Eggo Twists are a great fast breakfast. They are microwavable, and one is ready to go in 25 seconds. They are filled with real fruit and are currently available in strawberry or apple. Visit Kellogg’s Web site to learn more about Eggo Bake Shop Twists and other delicious Eggo breakfast products!! Then next time you’re at the store, pick up a box of Eggo Bake Shop Twists for your family! I’m sure they will love them as much as we did!