Monday, October 16, 2006

Folger's coffee review

You all may remember my excitement of a couple of weeks ago when I received three pounds of Folger’s coffee in the mail. In return all I had to do was write an honest review for their coffee. How cool is that?!

Now that I have gone through (almost) three pounds of coffee in the last two weeks, I feel I can write a competent review. If nothing else, at least I’m alert!

Folger’s sent me their new Gourmet Selections – Morning Café, Vanilla Biscotti and Lively Columbian. I ripped open the Vanilla Biscotti first. Oh, come on. You would have done the same thing.

The Vanilla Biscotti has a good flavor. I love flavored coffee, but I don’t like the flavor to be so strong that it overpowers the coffee. It's kind of like dumping too much ketchup on your eggs. What’s the point of eating eggs if all you can taste is the ketchup?

Anyway, Vanilla Biscotti was on the verge of overpowering. I liked the flavor, but it was so strong, that I had to mix it with the Morning Café. Then I liked it better because I could actually taste the coffee.

Morning Café was a light flavor, and also good. However, I didn’t notice much difference between this Gourmet Blend and the regular blend of Folger’s coffee. I like Folger’s coffee, and I liked Morning Café, but I don’t recommend spending the extra money on the Gourmet Blend when it tastes the same as the normal Folger’s.

This leaves Lively Columbian. And who doesn’t love a Lively Columbian in the morning? (ba boom ching) Okay, that has been a running joke in the house for a couple of weeks. This one was my favorite of the three. It’s a bold coffee, and I love a strong, bold coffee, mainly because it lasts longer. Since the Columbian is stronger, I don’t have to use as much and it stretches further. A definite plus.

In a nutshell, Vanilla Biscotti – the flavor needs to be toned down. Morning Café – good, but nothing extraordinary. Lively Columbian – a yummy, full-bodied coffee. I am now going to send Folger’s an email and tell them I posted my review. Maybe they’ll send me the Caramel Drizzle and Chocolate Truffle to review. Yum-o!

As a sidenote, I have been on the lookout for my favorite coffee for years now. Is anyone familiar with Einstein Bros? Well, back when they were Bagel and Bagel, their house coffee was a blend called Sweet Columbian. That was the best damn coffee EVER. When they became Einstein Bros, the bagels got smaller, the schmears got more expensive, and they changed to some crappy ass coffee. Since then, I have been on the lookout for a coffee that matched the Sweet Columbian I loved so much. Maybe someday, we will meet again. *sigh*

Happy coffee drinking to all. Perk up and be merry.


Irene said...

Your post just made me reach for a deliciously warm cup. Here's to perpetual perkiness! c",)

Morgen said...

mmmm... gotta get me some of that Lively Columbian!

Don't forget -- tell Folgers that if they need a second opinion, they can mail me a few pounds of black gold!

Sparky said...

Ok, now I will have to get the Colombian, though not for any of your double entendre reasons. I like my coffee like my women...(pause) strong
(wait for laughs, hear crickets)

Trader Joes has great coffee, maybe they have something like the one your looking for

Sunrunner said...

If you like Folgers, You'd LOVE Boyer's coffee! And you cna order it online!!!