Friday, September 29, 2006

Best Day Ever!

What a turn today took! When I woke up this morning (at 3:00 a.m.), I did not have great expectations. I was up most of the night with cranky teething baby my lovely daughter, and I knew I would be exhausted today. My sadist husband “accidentally” woke Georgia up this morning since his goal seemed to be to make as much noise while getting ready for work as he possibly could.

Anyway, the day suddenly took a turn for the better after I realized that blogging pays off!! I received a random e-mail last week from Folger’s coffee. Apparently, I blog sooo much about coffee (sue me, I love my coffee), that they came across my blog somehow. They sent me an email wanting to know if I would be willing to try their Gourmet Selections coffee for free if I would review it honestly on my blog. The only words I saw were free and coffee. Where do I sign up?!

I e-mailed them back and said Abso-freaking-lutely!!, and today a box arrived in the mail. I was expecting the little sample bags that make about one pot of coffee. But no. I got three one-pound bags of their coffee in different blends! Oh yeah, baby!!! That is almost $20 worth of coffee. For. Free! You should have seen my happy dance. It’s like Christmas in September!! Woo hoo!!! So, you can expect my upcoming review of the new Folger’s coffee once I have had the chance to try it!

That was only the beginning of my day along the yellow brick road of happiness. After Georgia and I picked Eli up at preschool, we took off for the credit union. I needed to add the name Discovery Toys to my account. I have a difficult name, and this way people can make out checks directly to Discovery Toys.

We walked into the credit union, and first up – a plate of freshly baked cookies for customers. If only I had brought my free coffee with me! Eli was thrilled! He ate three cookies.

I sat down with Credit Union Mary who informed me that I couldn’t change a personal account into a business account, so I would have to open a new one. Well, crap. But, since the children seemed content (a miracle in itself), I decided to take the time and go ahead and do it. After I got my account set up, CU Mary said, “Oh, I almost forgot. We have a special promotion going on right now.” Apparently, if you open a new account, you get a $25 gift certificate to the Country Club Plaza. Woo hoo! I need new pants. This works out perfect!

But wait! It gets better! CU Mary then asked if I wanted to set up my online banking for that account. If I did that, I got another $25 gift certificate. And the kids were still quiet at this point. I wanted to leap across the desk and kiss CU Mary! So we set up my online account, and she handed me my second gift card. Yippee freaking skippy!!!

She bade me farewell, and I immediately called Eric and informed him of my good fortune. When he gets home from work, we are going to celebrate by drinking our free coffee and planning how to spend our $50. Okay, so I already have that part planned. But still – It has been a GREAT freaking day!!!


Sparky said...

did you get the gift for getting online banking for the personal account?

and being an exbanker, you really couldnt just add the business name to the account, so they werent just trying to milk you for accounts

Hulai said...

wow sounds like you had a fabulous day! And free coffee! Damn just the right time of year for that! I love coffee when it is good and cold!!!!

jenny mclellan said...

Did you buy a lottery ticket too? What a great day! :)

Julie said...

AWESOME!!! I LOVE FREE STUFF!!! But only if it's GOOD free stuff (not crap stuff) - that sounds like all GOOD free stuff!

I have been wanting to start a TV meme so bad! I've been waiting for the movie and book meme to die down a bit. Can you believe Morgen started that movie meme and it spread so far? I've been seeing it on random blogs that have no idea who he is!

You want to create the tv meme together? Email me...

Justin said...

What a cool day of freebies! I hope you enjoy all of them. I'll also add extra good wishes in hopes that Georgia's teething will stay in control as you enjoy them.

Heather said...

Let me know about the coffee. I've been eyeing their vanilla biscotti but I haven't made the commitment to trying it yet. :)


Morgen said...

free coffee ==== wow!
I had to delete an expletive, I was so happy for you!
If they say, do you know five friends who would also like to blog this, make sure I'm at least #3!!!!!!!!

as for my movie meme--- who knew it would spread so far? I just wish I had incorporated my name (or blog's name) into one of the questions, so I'd get credit (and links!)

I think a TV meme is a great idea (not watching broadcast tv, I'd be horrible at answering it, of course) but my one advice is that somehow you put your names & links into the questions!