Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In threes?

I thought bad things were supposed to happen in threes! Isn’t that the way it goes? Because I am a little annoyed here. I am on #4, and it is pissing me off! You all remember how my computer was completely fried a few weeks ago? That was #1. Then last week, there was the issue with my car - #2. The breaks on Eric’s car went out, and his car was in the shop all day Saturday - #3. And today, I spent the morning watching the plumber unclog our main line - #4. I think we need a break.

Needless to say that I have been called “ma’am” more times than I can freaking count over the last few days. That was one of the few words I could understand from the plumber, whose first language was NOT English. I could make out the words ‘ma’am’, ‘problem’, ‘tree roots’, and ‘we take credit cards.’ *sigh*

I am now resisting the urge to have a fifth cup of coffee, and I am on the computer when I should be making treats for pre-school tomorrow. Only after I signed up to make treats, I got a note from the pre-school encouraging me to make “healthy” snacks. Apparently, they thought the treats I made last year were too heavy on the M&M’s. I just think the phrase “healthy treat” is an oxymoron. They should put up a “healthy snack” sign-up sheet instead of a “treat” sign-up sheet. They can’t wait until you commit and then change the damn rules! That is not fair!

I was planning to put giant marshmallows on skewers and dip them in chocolate. Seriously. Eli had those at a birthday party, and loved them, and this way I don’t have to deal with the sugar high. Apparently, the pre-school teachers aren’t amused.

So, I have had to switch gears. It is difficult for me to make a treat that doesn’t include chocolate. I am making chocolate chip pumpkin muffins. That’s healthy, right? The word muffin strikes me as healthy, then you have pumpkin to celebrate Fall, and the chocolate to celebrate that you are in fact eating a treat. I think all bases are covered on this one.

After I make muffins, I have to take Eli to Gymnastics tonight. This should be interesting. My friend Heather #2 (as opposed to the recently married Heather #1) has her son enrolled in Gymnastics, and tonight is bring a friend night. We’re the friend. When she invited me, she said that Eli gets to run around and wear himself out for an hour while I get to sit on the other side of the partition and talk or read a book. I’m in. That is an AWESOME sales pitch. Especially since I need a break from my screaming monkey lovely daughter.

Did I mention that Georgia cut a freaking molar?! It’s no wonder the girl screams to high heaven. Not only is she cutting teeth, but she’s doing it out of order. I think this is an assault on my freakish organizational control. You are supposed to cut bottom teeth first. She got her top teeth first. The doctor didn’t even believe me on that one. Grrrr. After two top teeth, she got three bottom teeth, and now she’s getting an upper molar. It’s weird, I tell you. Weird!

Anyway, I need to go tear Eli away from the Backyardigans because I am forcing him to help me make muffins for pre-school. If I have to make treats, then we all get to suffer help.

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ian said...

I say you torment them without mercy at the center...serve frosted brownies with M&Ms and a sugar/honey glaze, then for a beverage serve up Coke Blak.

That'll fix 'em.