Monday, September 18, 2006

Good old days


I’m sure you have heard me talk about Stacey and Andrea in past blogs. Stacey and I have been friends since Junior High. In college, we hooked up with Andrea and Courtney and became a wild foursome. (Coincidentally, Andrea started her own blog this month called Mommy 911. You should check it out!) Anyway, Stacey and Andrea and I moved to the same area after college, and Courtney headed back east, and now lives in Virginia. She was in town over the weekend, so the four of us got together again, with families.

Oh, how things have changed. Fifteen years ago, we were four girls who would sit around and talk about guys, skip class, fight about who would never wake up to the freaking alarm clock (Andrea) or who had the most annoying boyfriend (Stacey) or who was the most uptight (me – can you imagine?). This was punctuated by going to the same dance club every Thursday night where we actually had our own table, and occasionally engaging in interesting substances with Stacey’s boyfriend at the time.

This weekend, I walked in and looked at the seven (!!!) rambunctious children that the four of us have spawned over the last few years, and it amazed me how quickly things have changed. Somewhere along the way, we became responsible adults!

I was explaining to Eli the importance of not body-slamming two-year-old Kai off of the hot wheel, Stacey was trying to limit her daughter’s potato chip intake, and Courtney was counting to three in a vain attempt to stop her son from jumping off the couch. Courtney looked at me, looked at the kids and said, “It’s weird, isn’t it?”

Yes. Yes it is.

Andrea was in the kitchen making whiskey sours. At least some things never change.

Photo Note: Please enjoy the picture of our most recent family portrait (complete with Eli’s squinty eyes), as well as one of five of the kids – Kennedy, Kai, Jack, Eli and Georgia – yes, that’s my daughter trying desperately to escape her brother’s grip. For an even worse picture of my children, visit Andrea’s blog. On her site, you can also see a photo of the two babies that aren’t pictured here – Layla and Cooper.


ian said...


Those pictures don't fit and your text is slopping over into your sidebar!

Cute kids though!


Neila said...

Oops. Hopefully, I fixed it.

Stacey said...

Who was the annoying boyfriend??? Nevin, Damon, or KENT???? Too funny.

Neila said...

That would soooooooo be Nevin!