Thursday, September 14, 2006

13 Photos I Took At The Kansas State Fair

It’s time for the Thursday 13, and my first photo blog, because I’m sure everyone wants to see how adorable my children are, right? I thought so. The first few pictures are from the scarecrow contest. You will find some of the “scarecrows” quite interesting. I did.


1. Dennis the Menace – hmmm, I see a resemblance here, except my son cannot seem to smile without squinting his eyes shut. I’ve tried everything. If you tell him to open his eyes, then you get a picture with bugged out eyes and no smile. Why he feels the need to turn his face skyward is beyond me.


2. The Mummy – When Eli saw the Pillsbury Doughboy at the Fair, he excitedly said, “Mommy, take my picture with the mummy!” Hmmm. . . I can see that.

sesame street

3. Bert & Ernie – Eli and Georgia with my favorite Sesame Street characters, the gay life partners, Bert and Ernie.

michael myers

4. Michael Myers – Yes, I crack myself up. But seriously, Michael Myers scares the holy crap out of me. Halloween still gives me nightmares and I’ve probably seen that movie 150 times.


5. Eli in action – This is my son milking a fake cow. . . I really have nothing more to say because that’s amusing enough.


6. Sunflowers – In case this picture makes no sense to you at all, you should know that Kansas is the sunflower state.


7. My sweet baby – This is the one time Georgia wasn’t attempting to escape her stroller, so I had to capture it on film.

ferris wheel

8. The ferris wheel – Yes, this is the terrifying ride that made my husband knock over women and small children to escape its wrath and run screaming for his life.


9. Spinning strawberries – Children + cotton candy + rides that spin = very colorful regurgitation.

big slide

10. The big slide – Okay, this one is just fun! Unfortunately, it’s not worth the $4 it cost for hubby and son to slide down it.

georgia carousel

11. Georgia’s first carousel ride – My little girl on her first carnival ride. Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain.

scooby doo bus

12. The Scooby Doo bus – Exciting because I think Eric got more enjoyment out of it than Eli.

cotton candy

13. Look what Eli reeled in! The fact that he ate all of this cotton candy could be the reason that he didn’t sleep for the next three days.


Morgen said...

I'm laughing X13!!!
what a great post
thanks for sharing these moments in Blog That Mommy history
(still chuckling over "pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain")

Julie said...

Oh my god, those pics were frickin HI-larious!!! Your kids are just too much!

Bazza said...

Hey! Is your kid desecrating our flag? Wait. Is that something about soccer? That's ok then.
We don't have state fairs in the UK. Actually, coming to think of it we don't have states either, but we do have fairs.

Penny said...

They are adorable children! Love the comments that go with the photos! Funny!