Thursday, September 28, 2006

13 Things I Have Learned From My Children

1. Freedom - Kids love to run around naked. It doesn’t matter if they are one or four, they will strip off their clothes and revel in their nakedness. If I did that, I would get arrested. At what age is that line drawn?

2. Etiquette – I learned this week that yogurt is a finger food. Who knew?

3. Cuisine - Cat food makes a great between-meal snack.

4. Style - Georgia’s hair looks more like Carol Brady’s each day, no matter how I try to style it. I’ve decided to embrace it.

5. Color - Crayola bathtub tablets do not stain clothes, but if your daughter eats them, they do make her look like she has rabies.

6. Memory - Children can quickly and easily memorize everything they see and hear on television. Moral of the story – I can no longer watch Nip/Tuck.

7. Entertainment – If you take Georgia outside on a windy day, she squeals and raises her hands in the air as if she were riding a roller coaster. I truly wish I were entertained as easily.

8. Indigestion - Georgia can happily drink her weight in milk, and immediately throw it up with just as much glee.

9. Volume - The combination of teething and diaper rash can cause a child to screech so loud your ears will bleed.

10. Insolence - All sense of civility is lost when siblings are faced with the concept of sharing.

11. Speed - Georgia can unroll a roll of toilet paper in under 10 seconds. That is faster than my cat. Impressive.

12. Honesty – When I tell my son “I love you,” he says, “Thanks.” Why does that bring back vivid memories of my high school boyfriend?!

13. Perseverance – A child never gives up. They will scream and scream until they get what they want. Especially at 2 a.m. when what they want is to sleep with mommy and daddy.


Diane said...

#12 really cracked me up!! You certainly sound like a fun person to hang out with. :D

Happy thursday!

Penny said...

Love #9 and it's sooooo true! #13 is also very true and it even comes with different time slots like before mommy wakes up good in the morning and I want my breakfast now! Children do tend to teach us a lot even some things we weren't sure we wanted to learn. Always enjoy the Thursday 13!

Hulai said...

Oh my goodness I laughed so hard! i am adding you to my favorite blog list!!!

Silver said...

lol - that's a great list, very sweet and funny. Happy TT!

Caylynn said...

Too funny! Thanks for the laughs. :) Happy TT. :)

ali said...

great list!
and i love that picture. she's adorable!

Momish said...

Oh so true and insightful to say the least. Thanks for the laugh!

Faith said...

Cool list...very true. #12 made me laugh! The brady bunch hair is cute. Happy TT

Jenny Ryan said...

So funny! Thanks for sharing :)

Melissa said...

Love your list!!! And it really is true that children teach their parents more than they want to know!

I have four little monkeys of my own, and my youngest is just under 2. One thing she's taught me is that yogurt is not only a finger food, but it is also a wardrobe accessory. Especially the pink/purple Trix yogurt!

Melissa said...

Forgot to add that my list is up at 13 Projects I Need to Finish

Morgen said...

Ah! 13 laughs!
I loved your kids (but am so glad I just get to laugh with you and not have to clean up voluminious vomit!)

I'm adding a link to this at Daphne's Thursday 13 (
hope that's ok!

Sadie said...

bwaaahahahah at #12! Did we date the same guy?

Good list, makes me look forward to having kids!

Ghost said...

Memory fades when they get older and you give them chores to do around the house. ;)

Have a Happy!

Sparky said...

terrific list, though shhh I still do #1, at least around the house with the shades open all the time

N. Mallory said...

Great list! #7 cracked me up!

Sparky said...

And btw, I get enough of the yelling in spanish from visits from my SIL

Dane Bramage said...

That was such a great list and funny too!. My Thursday 13, #13 "Things I am Thankful for Today" Edition is up. Stop by if you get a chance.

Laurie said...

This was fun!!!

Brony said...

That is a great list. It is so important to never lose sight of those things.
Happy TT!

MommyBa said...

Such a sweet list and funny too!

thanks for sharing your experiences about motherhood.

happy weekend