Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Coffee Talk


Before I start my rantings about the wonderments of caffiene, allow me to welcome a few new people to my blogroll. Julie from Chicago has a great blog with Flip This Body. Check out Morgen's It's A Blog Eat Blog World. And the lovely Peg writes her musings in Peggy, as she is.

On to all things COFFEE!

If you have read my blogs in the past, you know that I am horribly addicted to coffee. It is no secret. I desperately need a 12-step program. If I don’t get my coffee each morning, I get the pounding headache. It is not pretty. In fact, I would save myself a lot of time if I could just have an IV drip of coffee at my bedside. Better yet, a caffeine pump. I have a friend who is diabetic, and he has an insulin pump. A coffee pump could work exactly the same way.

Okay, I’m sure that comparison is terribly politically incorrect, but you get my point. I love coffee. I will spend $8 on shoes at Payless, but I spent $150 on a top-of-the-line Cuisinart coffeepot (which was an awesome price on sale). The people at several coffee places around town know me by name – Starbucks, Black Dog, Caribou, and especially Scooter’s. I went to Scooter’s so much after they opened that I became good friends with the barista (now former barista), Aaron. You all may know him as the sarcastic comment leaver on some of my blogs.

What is my point, you may ask. I reached an all-time coffee low this last weekend – or coffee high, depending on how you look at it. While we were in Hutchinson for the Fair, we headed over to Metropolitan Coffee (aka Peppermint Coffee or Doorhole Coffee, as it has been dubbed by Eli). Metropolitan Coffee is a little mom and pop shop with waaay better coffee than Starbucks and much better prices! Hutchinson is four hours away from my house, so we don’t visit extremely often, but every time we do, I hit the coffee shop for a fix (or two or three). This time, when I entered the coffee shop, the boy working behind the counter looked up and greeted me by name. What?! Are you kidding me?! I live four hours away! Yet I come here often enough that they know me here, too?! Crap.

I looked at my husband and saw the little sparkle in his eye. I already get teased incessantly about my addiction, as well as reprimanded when I overspend on my coffee habit each month. I have taken to going to the Starbucks in Target because when I swipe my card there, it shows up as Target on my statement, not Starbucks. Just a little trick.

Anyway, from the look on Eric’s face, I know he will later taunt me with this little tidbit of information later. I just have to figure out a way to spin this to my advantage. Hmm . . . isn’t there a guy who travels around the country going to a Starbuck’s in each city? I wonder if you could get paid for doing that?


Morgen said...

Neila -- thanks for the link & the shout out! you're on my list (as soon as I'm up to tacklin' HTML again) to add to my links, too!

I hear what you're saying about coffee. Un-PC or not, you're definitely NOT the first one of us to imagine a java IV.
Yes, that's me in line at Starbucks: "I'll have the venti saline-caffeine extra sweet drip to go, please."

Great post! ~mo

Morgen said...

hello again Neila -- you inspired me to up-date my links, so you're link-listed now at It's A Blog Eat Blog World! thanks!

One Of said...

Coffe is a fair addiction. Is has a rich histroy, culture, and taste. Nothing beats chilling out, drinking the stuff, and watching the world go by in a public, simple place. One of the finest experiences life has to offer, right there.

ian said...




Julie said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for the kudos! You're pretty swell too! ;-)