Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Willpower . . . schmillpower

I have no willpower. None whatsoever. I’m just going to say that up front. I think I got the lack of willpower from my mom’s side of the family. Thanks, mom. Mom’s mad at me right now anyway because I informed her today that she is having a Discovery Toys party. The thought of people messing up her house sent her into a tizzy, but it’s the least she could do to support her daughter, right?

Anyway, today was quite a Monday. My house always looks like it has a hangover come Monday morning. After a weekend of relaxing (i.e. not picking up), the house basically looks like it threw up Toys R Us. You are taking your life into your hands attempting to walk across the floor.

After looking at my family room this morning, I just wanted to climb back into bed. But I began picking up the remnants of Hurricane Eli, and then he woke up. He ran into the family room and said the words that every mother dreads first thing on a Monday. “Mommy, I had an accident.” Oh double crap.

I checked, and sure enough, his pants were dripping, as were his sheets. We had to take a break from toy clean-up duty to change from the urine-soaked Nemo sheets to the dry Sesame Street sheets. The whole time Eli was running around the house naked after stripping off his wet jammies. Georgia was chasing him. Squealing.

Needless to say after that, I was ready for a break. Luckily, I had a girls’ night scheduled with Stacey and Andrea. We have to figure out a girls’ night that does not involve food. I was fretting today over how tight my jeans were getting. I was so busy over the summer, I didn’t have time to focus on taking off that baby weight. Yes, I realize my daughter is 15 months old, but just play along.

After I agonized over my tight jeans, I went off to meet the girls. At Cheeseburger in Paradise. Has anyone tried this place? The have the best f***ing hamburgers in the known universe. And for dessert? Chocolate Nachos! Oh yeah, baby! Heaven on a good day wishes it could be as good as the Chocolate Nachos at Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Did I mention that I have no willpower at all!! I have to stop this. I am such a foodie. I wake up every day full of good intentions, but by noon, I am hungry. Those good intentions go out the window when faced with a growling stomach and a big bag of peanut M&M’s.

Maybe I should try Weight Watchers again. Except Weight Watchers scares me. Every time I have started Weight Watchers, I get pregnant and have to quit. I realize that I had my tubes tied, but if I start Weight Watchers, I will be one of those women you hear about on the news whose tubal ligation failed, and I magically conceived quintuplets.

No, I need a diet plan that won’t fail. Maybe I should join Julie over at Flip This Body. Is Flip This Blog That Mommy too long of a blog title? Hmmmm . . .


Sparky said...

Mrs. Duck and I did Cheeseburgers in Paradise in Hawaii. Very very tasty, though I still have to say In N Out burger is the best burger on the planet. CIP has top 5 though for sure.

Jenny McLellan said...

I agree that chocolate nachos at Cheeseburger in Paradise are the best things ever! But I think their burgers are fairly overpriced (getting married has turned me into a tightwad--or rather my husband putting me on a budget has turned me into a tightwad!) :)

Morgen said...

I've never been to a Cheeseburgers In Paradise (I'll make the trip just for the choco nachos!) but I LOVE Red Robin's burgers!!!!

ah-- nothing like eau de eli urine to start the day, eh? I don't know HOW you moms do it!!!

Julie said...

Yesssss!!! Come to the Dark Side, Neila...mmmwahahahaha!!!

Love the Cheeseburger in Paradise (been to the ones in Waikiki Beach and Myrtle Beach). Haven't tried the choco nachos but it sounds like a match made in heaven with my mexican food obsession!

And p.s.--- ever since you made that list of the most annoying toys and I clicked on them to look at the items on Amazon....now my Amazon ads on my blog think I love those toys, so they keep appearing in the banner! :-/

crazymumma said...

Chocolate Nachos....sweet Mother Mary...I need those at PMS time.

I have very little will power as well, one glass of wine to break down any conventions and I am scarfing down chips like crazy.

I say excercise. and a sensible, occaisional treat diet. Nothing crazy mind you, just good healthy eating.

Drink lottsa water, excercise AT LEAST 3 X per week (oh so easy with children NOT). And you will start to feel good again.

But don't worry, Brawny Man loves you no matter how your jeans fit. (ANd oh my goodness, he DOES have a serial killer voice!).

crazymumma said...

Oh ya Book Meme! Getting to it, I promise!

omninaïf said...

Chocolate nachos? Doesn't sound to yummy after a few brewskers and hamburgers. What the heck happened to potato chips? I agree with morgen; RR does have some mighty tasty burgers.

Penny said...

Did you say Chocolate Nachos? Sounds wonderful! Never been to Cheeseburger in Paradise but I do love Jimmy Buffett! I hear ya on the no willpower bit and the baby weight!
I woke up to poopy sheets very early Sunday morning (2:30 am) so I totally feel your pain about the urine awakening. Seems little Charlie caught some kind of bug and it all came out on the diaper end! Glorious Sunday in our house and Jim had to work so I got all the diaper detail. Ugghh!

Hulai said...

oh my goodness yes that place is like wonderful! we have a cheeseburger in paradise in omaha, no kiddingy ou have to wait in a 2 hour long line to get in on the weekends. But it is worth it! thank god you can take your little buzzer and walk around the mall!!!