Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Halloween costume hunt begins!

With the beginning of September comes the beginning of the Halloween costume search. This is quite an ordeal in our household. I got very excited the first three years of Eli’s life because I got to dress him up however I wanted. Last year being Georgia’s first Halloween, I had an awesome idea. I wanted to dress her as an angel and Eli as a devil. Wouldn’t that have made for some cute pictures?!

My darling hubby Eric vetoed that outright. He seemed to think that dressing Eli as a devil would send him into therapy in about 20 years. (As if he won’t have plenty of other reasons, I’m sure.) So, I lost that battle. Instead, Eric sat down with Eli and decided to have a long heart-to-heart discussion on what he wanted to be. After much conversation, Eli decided that he wanted to be Marcel (our cat) for Halloween.

Eric was all pleased with himself because he let Eli choose his costume. However, it fell on me to actually find a cat costume. Does anyone have any idea how freaking difficult it is to locate a cat costume for a 3-year-old boy?! It is not that easy when everything is Super Heroes and Harry Potter. Thank God for Ebay!

I was still dead set on having really cute Halloween pictures, so I dressed Georgia up as a leopard. It was a big cat theme!

That was last year. This year, Eli already has his own ideas of what he wants to be. And guess what it is? He wants to be Laa-Laa (aka the yellow Teletubby). I thought Eric was going to have a fit when Eli exclaimed his choice for this year’s Halloween costume. The look on Eric’s face was priceless. Flabbergasted would be good description.

Many parents have at least one (usually more like 10) children’s characters they completely despise with white-hot hatred. Mine are the Booh-Bahs. Those damn things are downright creepy! Barney I can handle, but I want to take the Booh-Bahs out with a sniper rifle. Eric feels the same way about the Teletubbies.

I just grinned and said in a very mocking voice, “Isn’t it great that he chose his own costume and gets to express himself?” Death glare from my darling hubby. Eric maintains that he has just under two months to change Eli’s mind.

My only concern is that I don’t know when to actually purchase the costume. I am not spending $35 on a Teletubby costume if he’s going to change his mind in two weeks. I’m not quite sure how long I should delay. I don’t want to wait too long because then I will be screwed and Eli will end up running around on Halloween dressed in my black cape and a Scream mask. It’s quite a dilemma.

At least I have a good two more years in which I can dress little Georgia however I want. Even though I prefer the costumes go together for good photo ops, I’ll be damned if I’m dressing her as a Teletubby! I’m leaning toward Wonder Woman. How cute would that be?!

Eric still maintains he is going to be Sportacus for Halloween. My old stand-by costume is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I just dress all in black, put a cross around my neck, and carry a wooden stake. It’s a fabulous costume, and quite functional.

But I have almost two months yet to get creative. We’ll see how I do.


Alex said...

Ugh I have to go as tigger this year!

Justin said...

Oh man ... now I have to figure out a Halloween costume.

I'm thinking of finding a friend to go with me as Britney Spears and Kevin Federline