Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Free time

Last night when I took Eli to Gymnastics, I discovered that not only does he have about 100 times more energy than I do, but he also has more energy than most of the other 4-year-olds in the class. This led to a long schpeel from the Little Gym owner about what a great class this is for Eli. I received the full sales pitch before he handed me a brochure and I looked at the price. $300!!!

I think my eyes about bugged out of my head. It was a great class, and Eli loved it, but unfortunately I do not have an extra $300 lying around. When we got home, I told Eric how much Eli loved the class, and faster than I could say “credit card,” he reminded me of the thousand dollars we have spent over the last month in car and home repairs. *sigh*

I told Eric I would only sign Eli up for Gymnastics if I could raise $300 myself. So, here is my shameless attempt. If you would like to make a little boy extremely happy, you can make a donation through PayPal via the link in the right sidebar.

After I got Eli home last night, it was hell getting him to sleep because he was so wound up. That made it equally difficult to rouse him this morning for preschool. In addition to both kids, I had to remember his backpack, his lunch, the “treats” I had signed up to bring (the pumpkin muffins turned out awesome, by the way. See the recipe here.), and Eli’s Scholastic book order form with a check. When I got to preschool, I was carrying all of this in my left hand while carrying Georgia tucked under my right arm. I had forgotten the damn stroller.

When I walked into the school and down the hall in front of about 10 moms waiting with their children for the door to open, one mom said, “I like your hold technique. You’re carrying your baby like a sack of potatoes,” proceeded by laughter from the other moms. Oh, snap! She did NOT just say that to me! That wench is lucky my hands were full. As it was, I had to restrain myself from dropping everything just to smack her.

I mean, come on! It’s not like I don’t feel like an insecure teenage girl 90 percent of the time anyway! Now, I get comments from the Junior Leaguers on how I carry my daughter. Grrrr. It would be wrong to slash her tires. It would be wrong to slash her tires.

After that little episode, I kissed my son bye bye, he immediately wiped my kiss off, and I left with Georgia to buy her some Fall clothes. We woke up this morning to cool weather, and I discovered she had no Fall clothes that fit. Unfortunately, Georgia did not want to go shopping and screamed the entire time we were in the store. Luckily, people at a children’s clothing store are much more understanding of a screaming child than people at Kinko’s . . . or the bank . . . or grocery store for that matter.

Anyway, I got her a winter coat, a jean jacket, and eight outfits – two of which are ugly, but were extremely cheap. So, she’s set for a little while.

I now have 15 minutes (15 whole minutes!!!) of downtime before I have to wake up Georgia and go pick up Eli. I’m going to go sit on the couch and do nothing. Woo hoo!


Morgen said...

some people want 15 minutes of fame.
you're just looking for 15 minutes of ME time.
Hope you got some rest.
Wish I could help send Eli to gymnastics, but the credit card people actually want minimum payments this month. Imagine.

ian said...

Psssst...Neila...I tagged you...

I'm a broke-ass writer. Hit me up again when I get the elusive book deal. :-P