Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My daughter’s hair

First, I want to thank everyone for their input on my career change! I have decided to give Passion Parties a shot. The only negative comment I received was from my mother who is afraid I’m going to meet a bunch of “kooks.” Fortunately, I myself am a kook, so it should all work out. Now, if I can only get Slackermommy and Macoosh to follow my lead!

In case you all are interested,
here is a link to a great story that MSNBC did about Passion Parties. Brooke, the gal featured, is in my upline. The story comes complete with videos!

Now, on to the issue at hand: my daughter’s hair.

You may seem to recall that I was having the problem of Carol Brady hair.

Well, it has gotten worse. She now looks like Owen Wilson’s love child.

I should cut her hair. I really should. But what would be the fun in that. I’ll only cut it if it gets extremely out of control. I can’t wait to see who she morphs into next.


Hulai said...

I once considered doing these parties, however, I dont really know enough people in my area to build a base. They really are fun though!
Your daughter is so pretty. I love how you are able to find celebrities whom her hair resembles!

Candice said...

Hi, I'm new to your site and really enjoying it. I just laughed myself silly reading your Tag Team Sleeping post.

Also, good luck with your Passion Parties. They sound fun.

Morgen said...

I still think you should try a combo passion pary & discovery toy party.
One toy for the little nipper, one set of nipple clamps. What could be easier or more fun?

Sadie said...

She is so cute...

Morgen's idea is a good one!

Julie said...

I was looking into doing Passion Parties too - and then I got in my show, so that idea was put to the wayside. I'm excited to hear how you like it! I hope the Discovery Toys people don't try to ban you for selling adult toys too!

maggie said...

I went to one of those parties a few years ago. It was really silly and quite embarrassing. However, I did see alot of the ladies leaving with "brown" bags.
Good luck.

csmc said...

Ahahahaha! Those comparisons are hysterical!! :D I love it!

Congrats on the career change - just don't dip into your own stash too much. ;)

Penny said...

Those parties can be so much fun! I don't think I could be a host and sell that stuff though. Hilarious comparisons about Georgia's hair!

slackermommy said...

Keep twisting my arm!