Sunday, October 22, 2006

Career Change

Before I start into my blog, I want to make sure that everyone knows Halloween is on Sunday night on AMC! Woo hoo! Scariest damn movie ever, and I love to watch it at Halloween. I don’t know why because that damn music freaks me out and scares me so much I don’t even want to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. But I love it! I’m twisted!

Okay, I need some advice from everyone. As you know, I decided a couple of months ago to make some extra money selling Discovery Toys. Since then, I have really been looking into the whole idea of network marketing. I have mentioned my friend Rebecca who is a consultant for Passion Parties. She makes 40 % of her sales and I make 20 %. As you can imagine, her items are more expensive than mine, so she makes a lot more money.

Plus, the Passion Parties are a lot of fun! It’s hard to get people interested in coming to a Discovery Toys party, but everyone wants to come to a Passion Party. Soooo . . . I am thinking about switching. I know that is quite a change. I wouldn’t give up Discovery Toys, because I absolutely LOVE the toys. I would just add the Passion Parties until I see which one is more successful. What do you think?

As it is, most of the Discovery Toys sound dirty anyway – Hammer Away, Shiny Touchy Smelly, and Boomarings. And the Passion Parties products could be innocent toys – the Jack Rabbit, Mystical Moments Wand, and the Friendly Dolphin. So, it wouldn’t be a big switch from selling toys to selling toys.

Plus, I just can’t carry that damn purse anymore. Yes, I have gotten about four people to ask me about Discovery Toys, which is pretty good. But most of the time, people just stare at me like I’m a psycho for carrying a freaky ass purse. Plus, when I was at a children’s clothing store one day, the clerk actually tried to ring up my purse (!!!). So today, I went to Target, and got a new purse. A real one. One that is as big as a suitcase so I can use it as a purse/diaper bag. That feels much better!

Eric is hesitant about my career change. He says that guys don’t talk about sex that openly. He maintains that girls are just dirtier. He can’t even comprehend a Passion Party. I think it would be easier to get people to attend parties, and I would sell more. And besides, sex sells! And I would be selling it!

Err . . . okay, that didn’t come out right. But, you know what I mean.

What should I do?


Sparky said...

Ok, I have no idea, though I would think that the possibility of having more recurring customers more often would come from PP's, just based on monthly need.

ian said...

Kids grow up, and parents quickly get sick of too many toys around the house.

But when the kids are away, the parents will play.

I say go for it. Make the change.

And make sure you give out plenty of product recommendations. "Neila gives this one a 4 out of 5 stars. It would have been a 5, but the batteries ran out..."


A chuisle said...

do it!!! I've been to a few of those sex toy parties (not passion parties...they were run by different companies) and the women running them made a KILLING!!! Plus, it's just so much fun and you get people to be really open and crazy. I think you should totally do it. Obviously, you're going to make more $$ with the 40% vs 20% and the price upgrade so DO IT!!!!

(telling you to do it means you'll send me a free gift, right? haha)

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

Do it! What do you have to lose?

I, for one, have never been to one of those parties but am awfully intrigued by the idea.

slackermommy said...

Go for it! I've thought about doing them because sex is my favorite subject but my evenings are way too hectic to do parties. What would I tell my kids? If I say I sell toys they will want to SEE them.

Sunrunner said...

I think that's cool that you've switched over! Now if you were just closer to Colorado, I could host a party for you!!!