Monday, October 23, 2006

Macoosh’s Weird Tag

I was tagged last week by Morgen at It’s A Blog Eat Blog World for Macoosh’s Weird Meme. I’m just now getting to it – not because it took me this long to think of nine weird things about myself, but because I was trying to narrow it down! The idea is to write nine weird things about yourself. Soooo . . . here we go:

1. I love to eat mayonnaise on my French fries. I’ve actually heard that in some parts of Europe this is normal, so that makes me feel a little better. But around this area, I get some really strange looks from waitresses at restaurants when I ask for a big old side of mayo to go with my fries.

2. Separation of silverware in the dishwasher. When I am loading the dishwasher, spoons go in one container, forks go in one, and knives go in one. I also separate out the baby silverware into another and serving utensils into another. It’s very anal, I know. And it drives my husband crazy. He tries to mix them up occasionally, but I always redo it the right way.

3. My freakishly wide clown feet. I have very wide feet. And they actually got bigger after two pregnancies. I’m not kidding – after two babies, I went up a full shoe size. In addition to that, I have a pinky toe that is half as small as the rest of my toes and curls in. It’s weird. I would post a picture, but I don’t want to freak you out.

4. The TV volume. You know how the volume on the TV shows numbers on the screen in addition to bars when you turn it up or down? Well, I have to stop it stop on an even number. It can be 20, 22, 24, but God forbid, I cannot stop it on 23. I have tried. I cannot stop the volume on an odd number. My husband thinks this is my weirdest oddity.

5. I secretly like LazyTown. It’s my son’s favorite show, and my guilty pleasure. I actually enjoy watching LazyTown, and I love the music. Sometimes, I will even listen to the CD in my car when Eli is not with me. Before you think this is too weird, I challenge anyone to listen to Bing Bang and not want to get up and dance!

6. Scooping ice cream. When I scoop ice cream out of the container, I do it so the ice cream stays even all the way across. My husband digs a hole in the ice cream, and it drives me crazy. Don’t you love my misplaced sense of order?

7. I have a strong obsession with baby feet. I LOVE baby feet. They are so teeny tiny and cute. My children are totally used to the fact that I tickle and kiss their little feet all the time. I just love baby feet. I’m not sure when the cut-off age for this is because big ole scary adult feet do nothing for me, but I’m lost in the baby feet. Just look at Georgia’s cute little feet!!

8. Weird cooking ritual. I love to cook, and I usually get very hot when I’m in the kitchen. So, I cook with no pants on. I soooo can’t believe I’m telling you this. I just cook in a long T-shirt and underwear. I’m much more comfortable, and this way I don’t get anything on my pants. It’s only bad if someone comes to the door while I’m in the middle of making lasagna.

9. Ultra-sensitive skin. My skin breaks out at everything. In high school, I had to go to the doctor because after I started wearing make-up, because I got a severe rash on my face. Imagine a doctor telling a 16-year-old she shouldn’t wear make-up. That was not easy to deal with. This was before they had all the hypo-allergenic, dermatology-tested stuff. I still have to be careful, but there is some stuff I can wear. I also can’t use fabric softener. My mom used Downy once, and I broke out in hives all over my body. Not comfortable. I could go on and on about the weird skin irritations I have, but I think you get the message.

Now, I am supposed to tag nine people. I don’t even think I know nine people. Plus, if I tag Ian one more time, I think he’ll beat me with his keyboard. So, I will just say that anyone who wants to participate in this, have fun!!


scribbit said...

OOOH! Have you ever tried mixing mayo, ketchup and a touch of mustard for your fries? Or even a bit of mayo with BBQ sauce? I know it's showing off my white trash roots but in our family it's this "secret sauce" that is fabulous with fries or on burgers (the first one that is).

And I feel the same about baby toes, they're just so pea sized and cute.

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

Ok, well, if we have your permission, I shall have to have a think!

Tracie said...

Scary but true.....I can really identify with this list.

I do the same thing with the silverware seperating. It drives me crazy when my husband doesn't cooperate in that.

I always scoop my ice cream so that it will be even on top.

Now, I don't eat mayonaise on my french fried (because I personaly think that mayonaise is gross) but my husband does. He is very into mayonaise. He also eats it on hot dogs.

Matt said...

Yup, some of that is pretty weird. The girl in the LazyTown clip looks suspiciously like Natalie Portman in the movie Closer. I wonder if that's where they got their inspiration.

By the way, when you described your cooking habits I got a mental picture of you sampling lasagna without pants and going "mmm, mmm, this is sooooo goood," right when a neighbor spies you through a window.

A chuisle said...

tee hee, those were great!!! i love the silverwear thing...i do the same. i mean, it just makes sense...then you can grab them and put them right into their slots in the seperating needed!!!


slackermommy said...

Ooooh, my hubby would have me bent over the kitchen sink if I cooked in my underwear! What a fun meme!

Morgen said...

This was great!
I love the oddities of normal people!
1. I'm a ketchup guy myself, but I also love A-1 on my fries -- and on my baked potato! Here in Michigan, lots & lots of people eat ranch dressing with their fries. I'd never heard of that 'til I moved here, but tons of people request ranch with their fries here.
2. This isn't weird -- it's delightfully organized! I do it too, when I do the dishes (Lee doesn't like the way that I do dishes, so ya know what: they're his chore, go for it, dude. I'd much rather clean litter boxes)
3.I have wide feet too, and my baby toe looks JUST like Sadie's -- how weird is it that we all think our baby toes are WEIRD when I think they're the norm for most people!
4. Ok, you got me on that one: I'm siding with Eric on this one.
5. That is the most fabulously queer thing I've seen in ages! Of course, it helps that the blue dancing guy is way hot, but the whole clip was just a fab gay time!
I can't believe that gay men haven't caught onto this yet...
7. Does your little curled in toe look just like Georgia's?
8. LOL --- I prefer to vaccuum just in my underwear, so we've all got these types of wondrous weirdnesses.
9. I get hives very easily, and cannot eat shrimp because of the hives and throat swelling shut.

Your list is wonderful! And the thought of Ian going ballistic with his keyboard made me laugh.
thanks for this great post!


crazymumma said...

mmmm mayo, fries, fat mmmm

anyway, fly your freak flag with pride girl! So funny....

Neila said...

Yay! Between the silverware and the mayonnaise, maybe I'm not such a freak after all!

And yes, Morgen, the blue guy is really hot! That is Sportacus, and that's who my son is going to be for Halloween!

And yes, poor little Georgia has my feet, and my freakish pinky toes. Luckily, hers are waaay more cuter!

Sparky said...

Ha, im so weird I would have 18!

Morgen said...

loving it!

Penny said...

That was a cool meme! I have weird stuff like the dishwasher thing that I do too and my hubby is the same way about it. I love baby feet too! I tickle and kiss Charlie's all the time!

Morgen said...

Darn you Neila, I can't get Sportacus out of my mind!
I even had to post about him!
And Sportacus & Bing Bang have become the very first YouTube clip I've posted at
It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

Sunrunner said...

I have the same problem with fabric softeners, laundry soap and all sorts of other fragrances!

Michelle said...

Never tryed mayo with my frys but it sounds like it might be good,and you cant knock it till you try it.You know they put mayo in fry sause,and I really like fry sause.On the sillverware,My husband said,thats just normal..he says he always does that,But I on the other hand just throw all the silverware in..hehe..just like laundry..I dont do just darks with darks..I just do them all togeather..exceppt if its something i think will bleed color to other cloths..heheMy husband said I shouldnt have told you that..He thinks I should be embarised about how I do laundry,lol..but not..hehe..he says he knows how to wash laundry.My feet are big..size 12 in ladys,but im 6 foot tall too,my toe next to my big toe is longer,and thats what makes me up a whole shoe size..dang toe hehe.And yep very familar with lazy town my two girls like it too,and No its not so strange likeing the music,its have a catchy beat.Baby feet...yes I know what you the same way,im always kissing my youngest feet,even my 8 year old still has cute toes.Just the other day I was cooking in my undys too,and i'll tell ya I triped egg whites down my leg...eeewwww I thought to myself dang it if I only had my pants on this be on them instead of my bare legs..hehe My 3 year old keeps coming in here they got candy tonight at churh's treat or treat thing,and she keeps bring me suckers I open it she'll taste it for a sec,and then want to give back so she taste another,I just did three of them,finaly I told her eat that one first.Oh boy,John(my husband) told me to tell ya,How yesterday i went outside in my undys to spray the cat she was howling outside the door driving me crazy,well I went out,we live country,in my undys and sprayed the cat to get her to shut up,well as im doing this a car drives by,I didnt think id get caught in my undys,hopeful they didnt notice hehe.I didnt have any problems with my skin as a teen,but as my 20's yes major,oh it was affull,well iv started taking one tablet of echinacea a day,and it has done wonders,I like my skin agian.that had to affull not being able to wear any makeup when in highschool.Haley my oldest when she was 2 1/2 she broke out in hives so bad,well I chouldnt figure out what was causeing them,till one dayI was washing her face with a no name brand whippy,and the hives on her got worse,they where the walmart brand whippy,well I stopped useing and back to huggys,and all fine agian.