Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rice Krispies Treats and horror movies

Today was our turn for treats again at preschool. Do you know how much I have to rack my brain for somewhat healthy snacks?! I went with Rice Krispies treats . . . with Halloween colored M&M’s in them. But, the Rice Krispies part is healthy, right? Before you add the butter and marshmallows anyway.

Eli got up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday. It happens to all of us, but it’s very tiring when your 4-year-old is in a bad mood. I had to threaten all day not to make the Rice Krispies treats. I used this to try to keep him in line. I know, I know. I would have made them anyway, but he didn’t know that.

We finally did make them. Then Eli, Eric and myself ate half of them. So we had to make more. The sugar rush must have been part of the reason Eli wouldn’t go to bed last night. We always try to get him to bed early on nights before preschool, yet that never seems to work. He got up to go potty, to remind me that I needed to tuck him in (twice), to get a drink, to go potty again, and to look for two quarters.

He “found” two quarters yesterday (on Eric’s nightstand), and proclaimed them as his own. Now, he is determined to go buy “big fruit.” There is a gumball machine at Wal-Mart that sells giant gumballs in the shape of fruit. It cost 50 cents, so whenever Eli gets a hold of two quarters, he wants to go buy “big fruit.” So, he slept with the quarters last night, woke up in a fit at 5 a.m. in a tizzy because he couldn’t find them, and when he did find them, he put them in his backpack to take them with him to preschool. It doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to get out of going to buy “big fruit.”

Anyway, after being constantly awoken by Eli last night, I am extremely tired today. Since we couldn’t sleep anyway, Eric turned on AMC last night, so we could continue to watch the barrage of horror movies. I have to admit, that is probably my favorite part of the Halloween season. I freaking LOVE horror movies! In the last three days, I have watched Halloween (twice), Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist, part of Children of the Corn, and we fell asleep last night watching Halloween II (complete with Jamie Lee Curtis’s really bad wig). As great as the first Halloween is, the second could easily be a staple for MST3K! (BTW, I am very excited for my Thursday 13 this week. It is going to be 13 things about the movie Halloween!)

Anyway, when I finally did get to sleep, I dreamt that Michael Myers was chasing me, so this morning I have a tired headache. I went to bug Aaron at his new job at Caribou Coffee and got a large turtle mocha for breakfast. (Yes, that was my breakfast. Don't judge me.)

After dropping Eli off at preschool, I came home to discover that he had managed to teach Georgia a new word. She came over to me, handed me her book, and very clearly said, “MINE!”

Oh, lovely.


crazymumma said...

I love Halloween and horror movies as well! Poor you though, I know all to well the hell of trying to find small things (quarters for example) in the middle of the night.

Hope you get a better sleep tonight (hint - put them in his knapsack and let hime sleep with the knapsack...bigger, easier to find...)

Colleen said...

I dislike horror movies. I don't like them one bit. You can have them all. Although I do love rice crispies. YUM!
Love the word mine *insert eye roll here*

scribbit said...

I love MST3000! They crack me up. Plus, that's kind of how our family watches movies anyway, making comments the whole time. At least I do--my husband is a very patient man.

Penny said...

I'm not a fan of horror movies - at least not those kind. I like the vampire, werewolf, Frankenstein type stuff a lot better. I do love Rice Krispies treats though! I hope you get some sleep tonight and me too!

Matt said...

I like to think that I'm a non-wussy kind of guy, but some horror movies scare the bajeezus out of me. Like the time I saw The Exorcist in an empty theater on Halloween - I didn't sleep well for a week.

Morgen said...

your posts are always a hi-light of my day.
now I'm craving rice krispie treats, dammit.
I'd take the whole pan and yell "mine!"

what were you thinking, falling asleep while watching horror movies? Of course you're gonna needa large turtle mocha in the morning!

I posted a pic of Tinkie Mo-Winkie for you today at
It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

csmc said...

Turtle Mocha!? Is that caramel, almond/coconut and chocolate?

maggie said...

I use to watch every horror movie. Now I'm to chicken but I will take the Rice Krispies.

Janna said...

Wasn't Eric upset that Eli had stolen the quarters off his nightstand?
Did he ever get his quarters back, or did Eli really take them permanently away to spend on "Big Fruit"?
Poor Eric. Tell him I feel his pain.

Michelle said...

The large turtle mocha sounds like my kind of breakfast,mm mm yummy,And im a fan of rice crisppy treat,never have goten into horror movies thow,But I do like the crime shows like CSI,close to home,The closer,Medium,and they have some pretty horrific stuff in them,I dont care gore,but I do like the mystery part of trying to firgure out who the bad guy is.