Thursday, October 12, 2006

13 Words I Love!

13 Words I Love!

1. Façade – I used to work at U.S. Central Credit Union. During my tenure, I was on a sales call with a girl who used the word façade. Except she said fakade (hard “k” sound, long “a”). She was serious. She said “fakade” to a client and she was serious. She really thought that is how you pronounced the word. I really really almost wet myself. To this day, I cannot hear the word façade without giggling.

2. Floozie – This was a toss-up between floozy and jezebel. They’re both great words, but floozie seems to have a little more panache. Oooo! Panache. There’s a great word!

3. Whore – Whore is my favorite word of all time! And you would be surprised at how much I use it. “I’m sweating like a whore in church.” Or “Eric likes to go out on Sunday mornings for coffee and whores.” Many of my friends are affectionately referred to as whores, although that may seem strange when I say it out of context. It’s also a great word to use to describe someone who you don’t like and who is in fact a whore.

4. Blustery – That is a great descriptive word. When I hear the word blustery, I immediately feel cold. I also immediately think of Winnie the Pooh. Does anyone remember that book? Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day? One of my favorites as a little girl!

5. Spiel – Okay, I say schpeel, but it’s really the same thing. I give my spiel at Discovery Toys parties, and often just during regular speaking. I always have some sort of spiel.

6. Whackadoo – Isn’t this self-explanatory? Whackadoo is a perfect way to describe someone who is in fact a whackadoo (not to be confused with freakazoid). I myself tend to suffer from a few whackadoo tendencies. That’s a happy word even though it’s describing a crazy ass.

7. Awesome – This is part of my vocabulary left over from the 80’s that never died. At least I don’t still say narly, tubular or radical. But for some reason, awesome stuck.

8. More – I love this word because of the way my daughter says it. She signs it, and says “Mo!” with her little mouth forming a perfect O-shape. “Mo!” It sounds like she’s summoning one of the Three Stooges.

9. Mama – I immediately know the mood of my child when they utter this one word. Whether it’s a cry at 2 a.m. “Maaaamaaaa!” or said with a giggle, or said incessantly when trying to get my attention – “Mama mama mama mama mama!” Eli’s really good at that one!

10. Twizat – Eric thinks this is cheating because this isn’t really a word. My friend Heather used to refer to many people as a twat. Then a couple of years ago, she began speaking Snoop Dog. From then on, I have been twizat. And she is hizzo. It works out perfectly.

11. Diggariggadong - If you have ever watched LazyTown, you’ve heard this word. Every time I hear the word, which is in the LazyTown song, I want to dance. “Bing Bang, diggariggadong, silly words I say when I am dancing!”

12. Aroma – This word can be used to describe the most wonderful or horrific smells. I can be two blocks away from a coffee shop, but when the aroma hits me, I’m drawn in. Yes, when it comes to coffee, I’m like Homer Simpson and doughnuts. On the other hand, the aroma of a skunk on a highway in Western Kansas evokes an entirely different reaction.

13. Striking – Does anyone remember the Seinfeld episode when Elaine said the ugly baby was striking. It’s a great word, because what the hell does it mean? If you say someone is striking, they could be beautiful or the most hideous thing you’ve ever seen. The word in itself is a puzzle!

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Tinker said...

i also use blustery! i love that when it rains. my daughter gets tired of hearing about the 100 acre wood!

"sweating like a whore in church?" i have not heard that before!

Lindsay said...

what a FUN list!!!
one of my favorite words is GOOBER!!!
mines up!

amy said...

That is a fun list.. Goober is great. I make up my own vocabulary sometimes. I need to do a list of words I dont like.

mines up

ian said...

Neila, if you like Twizat, you'll love this!

Ian 2 cents said...

A great list!! I love words!

Tina said...

Great list! :)

Happy Thursday! :)

KaY said...

Wonderful list you got there. Learned a few words myself .. .and the fakade was just too funny.

Mine's up. Do drop by!

Silver said...

I love floozie - never heard tha tone before! HAppy TT:)

jenny mclellan said...

Blustery is one of my favorites's so descriptive and ALWAYS makes me think of Pooh (who I love!)

ali said...

this is a fantastic list!

ha...i have a friend who mispronounces the word potpourri...she pronounces the POT. i can't bring myself to correct her...but i also can't contain the laughter!

Melissa said...

Great list! Yes, goober is a great one.

Check out my 13 Slang Words for Breasts T13.

Sadie said...

That is a great list idea! I stole yours from last week.

I immediately thought of Pooh when I saw the word "blustery." I'm currently quite fond of the word "asshat."

Morgen said...

Blustery is one of my favorite words, too!
You've got some great words on this list -- but I'm still wondering how the word facade came up in a sales call?!?

I'd never heard the word asshat, though, until I started blogging!

My Daphne's Thursday13 is up now at Purrchance To Dream

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great list, lots of good words to know and use on there :) You know, this made me remember that my friends and I came up with a word in high school (oh, those many moons ago!)... we called girls we didn't like schlores. A cross between a slut and a whore. :)

Have a great day!

Christina said...

Great list! I love it! LOL at the woman who said "fakade". Mispronunciations of simple words crack me up. Once I met a woman who referred to the word "Cajun" as "ca-JOON". I had a hard time keeping from laughing right there...

Irene said...

What a fun list, WHORE! Bwahaha! c",)

scribbit said...

Nowadays some of those words could be names for children. People are naming their kids the weirdest things lately.

N. Mallory said...

What a fantabulous list! I love Winnie the Pooh!

Happy TT!

Julie said...

Love your list.

Spiel is a Yiddish word, and you are pronouncing it correctly as "schpeel". People who say "speel" are whackadoo whores. And not in a good way.

slackermommy said...

Love all your words, especially whore! I call myself a whore about everything: chocolate whore, ebay whore, blog whore, clothes whore, Diet Dr. Pepper whore....whore...whore...whore...I love being a whore!

Neila said...

Yay! I love to see everyone embracing the word whore!!

Goober is a great word, too! I also love potpourri, which Ali said. That should have totally been on my list!! My mom says pot-pory!

Ian, that is an awesome site! I'm sooo forwarding that around!

Sadie, I don't know that I have heard asshat before! I am definitely going to be using that one!

Janna said...

In the movie "My Fellow Americans", at the very end, the bad guy mispronounces the word facade as "fa-kade", and the two presidents just look at each other in disbelief, like they can't believe this guy is such an idiot! :) Loved it.

Brony said...

I don't think I use Blustery nearly enough!!
Happy TT!

Penny said...

I love blustery too because I love Pooh Bear. My son's nursery is done in Winnie the Pooh. Here's the link to my TT!

I hope you check it out!

Hulai said...

Ok so even though Seinfeld has been off forever, I still watch it and crack up everytime. Last night there was the boobless wonder walking around in her bra as a top, causing Kramer and Jerry to crash George's car. This woman is what they refered to as Striking! I love it!!!

Jenny Ryan said...

Ooh, these are great!

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