Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Extravaganza

Okay, I’ll just say it. I’m ready for Halloween to be over. I’m scary movied out. And the kids already have enough candy to put them into a week-long sugar coma.

Every year, my husband’s office has a big Halloween party for the kids. This year, he was in charge of it. He has been making crafts at home, and there have been popcorn hands multiplying by the dozen over the past week. But, my favorite craft has to be the milk carton skeletons:

So, Friday was the big party day! I dressed Eli up as Sportacus, and Georgia up as a fairy, and off we went:

Eric works in one of those big office towers, and I think there were four floors who had games for kids and people giving out candy. Eli loved playing all of the games, and Georgia discovered a little mummy statue, who I think she thought was an actual person. She kept going back to it and talking to it. Since her “talking” consists of a series of grunts and screeches, it was really quite adorable.

Anyway, we only made it through two floors. By then, the kids' little buckets were filled to the brim. The good thing about this is that they get to trick-or-treat safely inside, and on Halloween night when it’s dark outside and 30-something degrees, we only have to take them to a few houses. It works out perfectly.

In addition to that, Eli still has trick-or-treating to do at preschool. I am actually going to have to empty his bucket so he has room for more candy. Crap. We are going to be eating Halloween candy until next freaking Halloween!

Every year, we like to take the kids to a pumpkin patch to get the traditional photos, so that was on our agenda for this weekend. We don’t actually buy any pumpkins there, since we already got our pumpkins for $2 each at Wal-Mart. I think the pumpkin patches are starting to figure this out, as the one we usually go to has started charging $6 per person (including small children) for admission. WTF?!

So, instead of shelling out $24, we got creative. We went to our local nursery, which is in itself, huge. They had tons of pumpkins outside, so we parked the kids, and snapped a few picture. When they look at the pictures in 10 years, they will never realize they’re not at an actual pumpkin patch. And we did get some cute pictures:

including some great ones of the kids feeding the fish:

I can thank Eric for this great idea. I was ready to toss the kids in the big bin of pumpkins at Wal-Mart and snap a couple of photos before they threw us out.

Speaking of photos, how come all the pictures I take of the kids with Eric are perfect:

And all the photos of me with the children look like this:


I can’t seem to get any decent pictures of them together either. Eric always wonders why I pay so damn much money to take the kids to Portrait Innovations. Well, Portrait Innovations’ pictures look like this:

Mine look like this:

Enough said.


Momish said...

Too too cute! And, I hear ya about the photos. Mine never turn out right! (But, those are some really great shots!)

Hulai said...

Awe those are great pictures!! I love the ones of the kids feeding the fish! Totally adorable! I can see what her fascination was with the cute little mummy! I would have been trying to figure out how to take it home!

Sunrunner said...

I love it!!!! Your pics are awesome!!! That pumpkin was nearly as big as your little girl!!!

Matt said...

I think your pictures have... character. Yeah, character.

Morgen said...

I love the pic of Eli as Sportacus.
I know he had a great time, and Georgia looked tooooo cute -- especially with her new mummy friend!
The pics at the garden center were a great idea -- and it looks like a fab garden center!
I think all of your pictures posted here are wonderful!

(and still waiting for the lyrics for Point That Penis Dooooowwwn!)

Stacey said...

Those pics from the nursery are awesome. Thought about photography?

Julie said...

That was so great! I was chuckling out loud to myself in my cubicle at the pic of Georgia and the Mummy (she was probably excited to find a friend SHORTER than her!) and the comparison of Eric's portrait to yours. You poor thing! :-)

Julie said...

p.s. - on second thought, I think the pics with you and the kids aren't as good because ERIC is the one taking them. Obviously, you are a much more talented photographer than he is. You have the ability to capture just the right moment, where he seems to capture just the WRONG moments. :-) LOL

csmc said...

Exactly! I echo Julie's sentiments above about your pic vs Eric's pic. And the one of Georgia with the mummy really is totally precious. :)

Sparky said...

adorable little ones. And your braver then Mrs Duck.