Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Prison Break

Okay people, help me! I desperately need Prison Break spoilers. This is killing me. Are Michael and Sara ever going to meet back up again? Because I’m telling you now, if we have to wait until the end of the season for that, I’m going to be seriously PO’d!

The episode scheduled to air in two weeks is entitled, “Rendezvous” so I have hopes. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Michael and Sara’s rendezvous. It could be Michael and Lincoln, or the bad guy (what’s his name, I still want to call him Lance) and Michael.

Anyway, I need some freaking spoilers!!!! Does anyone know a good spoiler site?


Yay! Thanks to Tracie for the tip. I have now found out that Michael and Sara will rendezvous. Briefly. Before she is captured. And apparently tortured. But hey, at least that's something.


Tracie said...

Check out

Hope it helps!!

crazymumma said...

Oh Michael...I love you so. D and I just finished the first season, and like the junkie I am, I have my amazing tenant calling her downloading friends to get the first few shows of the second season.....
I know he wants me, you can have him next....;)

Sparky said...

Oh no way, I cant be keeping up with another TV show, I need to leave my house sometime

Irene said...

I love Prison Break! But I hate spoilers! :p

Michelle said...

I never watched that show,I hear its a popular show,mabe I should watch it once and see if I like it