Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shots and suckers! (6/26/06)

Should I complain about lack of sleep at the beginning of every blog or should I just leave that as a given? The bad news is that Georgia was up half the night because of teething. The good news is that the much-awaited tooth in question finally popped through. Woo hoo! That's four down!

It also doesn't help that I'm not caught up on my sleep yet from Saturday night. After the engagement party, my head was spinning so much from wine and champagne, that I had to stay up after I got home until my head quit whirling. So Eric and I watched the House of Wax on Showtime and didn't go to bed until 2:00 a.m. (Is it completely twisted that I truly enjoyed seeing someone kill Paris Hilton?) So, when I wrote my blog yesterday morning, not only was I completely exhausted, but I was also hung over since I didn't completely recover from that until yesterday afternoon.

Only today, am I having memories of some of the things I said Saturday night. Eric told me by the end of the evening I forgot my name and had to look at my name tag before introducing myself to people, but I really think he's screwing with me. I do remember inviting everyone I came into contact with to the bridal shower. (I really should have gotten names when I was doing that.) And I remember desperately wanting to play "Heart and Soul" on the baby grand, but Heather stopped me from that one. Anyway, I still think I'm fairly safe since I can't recall anything happening that was truly embarrassing.

But, I digress. After a restless night last night with a teething baby, we had to get both kids up bright and early for their doctor's appointments this morning. Shots for everyone! What a great way to start off a Monday! I didn't even think Eli was supposed to get a shot, but he did. He was not happy about that at all. He told the nurse in a matter-of-fact tone, "Well, I don't want a shot today." He seemed to think that pronouncement would save him. Unfortunately, it didn't, but he seemed happy enough when the shot was followed by a sucker.

And why is it that if you have a problem you want to discuss with the pediatrician, it magically disappears as soon as you walk into the doctor's office. I really wanted to discuss Georgia's cough that she had all through the night and into this morning. As soon as we walked in - gone! I think these kids try to make mommy look like a crazy woman.

Unfortunately, Georgia was the hard one at the doctor's office today. I am sooooo not good at seeing my children in pain. I am doing better, however, the second time around. When Eli was a baby, I would leave every doctor's appointment sobbing. It's horrible to sit your baby down on the table when they're all happy and smiles, and then start poking them with needles and making them scream. As much as I tell myself it's for their own good, it still breaks my heart.

Georgia had to get three shots today - Prevnar, Chicken Pox and MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella). It was the MMR that was the bitch. Apparently, it hurt the worst, and could have the most side effects. Georgia is not a happy camper. She's sleepy, but not comfortable enough to sleep for more than short spurts. No fun. Maybe if I just keep her Tylenol high going, we can all manage to get some rest today. Hopefully, Eli will be able to tear himself away from Dora in about 15 minutes so he can nap, too. I'm crossing my fingers on that one.

My biggest concern with Eli today is that after six months of being completely potty-trained, he had three accidents over the weekend. I was concerned that he had a urinary tract infection, but Eric and the doctor assured me that he probably drank too much water before bed. The fun part about this incident is that it spurred Eric's mom into relating stories of Eric wetting the bed, much to his horror. Priceless!

Well, I was going to start today on plans for Eli's birthday party, but as far as I've gotten is that our theme is Bob the Builder . . . or The Wiggles. At least we have it narrowed down to two. It could quite possibly be a dual theme. Last year, he couldn't decide between Spiderman or The Wiggles, so we did both. Or we could just do a Jim Lehrer-themed party. Did you hear about the 3-year-old boy in St. Paul who did that? (Link to story:

I think that sounds fabulous! Maybe Eli would want to do a Wolf Blitzer theme - that could hold all kinds of possibilities. Or maybe I could talk him into Anderson Cooper since he's such a hottie, and he has great Prada shoes. Shoot! I should have thought about that for Georgia's birthday. Oh well, maybe next year.

But I digress. Dora has now given way to Pinky Dinky Doo, so if I don't turn the TV off now, these kids will never go down for a nap. I hope you all are having a groovy Monday!

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