Thursday, July 20, 2006

Irrational Fears

I really despise days like this. It happened again. I had my blog about 80 percent completed, and I hit the "Add Link" button, and the whole thing disappeared. On days like these, it's a damn good thing I don't have an axe next to my computer.

Well, Heather's dress is now hanging in the closet of my utility room. I am nervous - very nervous. It's not like I even need a reason to have an irrational amount of anxiety, but I think this is a good reason. Eric wanted to look at the dress last night, and I screamed, "NO!" Heather brought the dress over in the back of her truck, carried it in and hung it up. I have not touched it, and do not plan to touch it unless there is a fire or natural disaster, in which case I will rescue it right after the children.

I think Heather is somewhat nervous about leaving the dress in the same house as small children, but since there is a child lock on the door, hopefully all will be well. I actually think she's a little more nervous about the dress being in the same house as my husband. Last night, when she dropped it off, Eric said he was going to try it on and parade around the house. Even though he was obviously joking, I saw her eye start to twitch. You don't screw with a bride three weeks out from her wedding.

Then, when I went to get coffee today, Aaron said, "I would never be responsible for watching someone's wedding dress. Something's going to happen. What about moths? What if moths get to it? What if a mouse chews through the bag and ruins the dress? She'll unzip it on her wedding day and it will be ruined, and it will be all your fault." I just blinked at him before responding, "I hate you." It's really annoying when I have what I think is an irrational fear about something, and then someone voices it back to me. Because I had already thought about the whole mouse chewing thing, so now that makes me think maybe it's not such an irrational fear after all.

I really need to shut up about that because if Heather's reading this, she's probably flipping out right about now.

Anyway, to calm myself down, I drove to Scooter's for my morning coffee after dropping Eli off at pre-school. You see, my body has a timer on it. If I don't have caffeine coursing through my system by 10:00 am, I get a pounding headache. It doesn't matter if I have four cups of coffee at 10:05 because that is too late. When I pulled into Scooter's, it was 9:30, so I was working on borrowed time. I told them I needed a lot of caffeine, so when Aaron handed me my drink, he told me to taste it and see if it was too strong. It tasted perfect to me, and then he told me that he put "about 6 shots in it"!! I think he's trying to kill me.

The upside of my morning is that Scooter's now offers breakfast and lunch sandwiches! Now that I can go there for meals in addition to coffee, I'll probably never leave. I think I need more disposable income.

This reminds me, I may be switching my blog over to Blogger sometime soon. One thing I have discovered in the last couple of weeks is that I really suck at Web design, so I finally just went with a Blogger template. I am more of a cut-and-paste kind of gal, and I still had to go in and screw with some of the HTML to get it right. We'll see how well it works. Anyway, go over and check out the new interface, and let me know what you think. After I switch over, then I have to figure out how to get some more traffic on my blog. I have read some of the other Mom Blogs out there, and mine is funnier!! Now, I just have to get people to realize they need to come and read it every day! Does anyone have any thoughts on how to do that?

Today is Eli's last day of summer pre-school. I love my son more than anything, but it's been a nice break to have two days a week where I can actually get things done. Next week should be very interesting because Eli starts swimming lessons. He really hates water and screeches like a howler monkey anytime water touches his face, so I'm crossing my fingers that we can get through this with only mild embarrassment.

Also today is my mom's birthday. She is spending it at the hospital with my dad while he gets a pacemaker put in. I know I have complained in the past about a birthday here and there, but how much does this one suck?! My dad's hoping the pacemaker will give him enough energy that he can go out and build a fence. He seems to forget that he's almost 77.

Well, I'm off to do something non-productive. I could clean the house while Georgia's napping, but I would rather work on my mix CDs. I have a mix CD obsession. For some reason, I feel it necessary to have a mix for every mood and every occasion. I have an 80's mix, a dance mix, a feel-good mix, and a mellow mix. I have a mix for Eric, one for Georgia, and one for Eli, as well as Neila's favorite pop hits. Heather knows how freaky I am about my mix CDs and asked me to do a wedding mix that we can listen to when we're getting our hair done. I am on it! Oddly, I thought of 12 songs right off the top of my head. How bizarre is that? Eric thinks I need to add the Dixie Chicks - Ready to Run and Goodbye, Earl, but that's not really the theme I'm going for.

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