Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Caffiene Addiction (7/6/06)

Hello! My name is Neila, and I am a coffee addict! Not only do I proudly admit my addiction, but I am continuously looking for someone to provide me with an IV drip of coffee. Too bad they don't sell that at the local Scooter's!

Today, will enter the underworld of addiction. What causes it? Hmmm . . perhaps being a mom? Although, I started drinking coffee at the age of 8. Everyone drank coffee in my house, and my father was a firefighter, so I spent a lot of time at the fire station where the guys were guzzling it down. It just seemed natural - the lifeblood in my veins, if you will. So, here it is 25 years later, and I'm worse off than ever. But the studies I have read on caffeine addiction have not been convincing enough to get me to quit, so far. In fact, the only times I have laid off the coffee were during both pregnancies. Luckily, my body helped me by developing an aversion to coffee while I was pregnant, so it wasn't hard at the time. The hard part was the pounding headaches and frayed nerves of the withdrawal! I can't imagine that heroin withdrawal would be any worse!

I need coffee every day just to function, but on the days I'm tired (like today), it really helps! Yesterday, I didn't think we had a lot to do, but as always, the second I think that, the day gets so busy I can barely breathe. Last night, I headed over to Amy's house to get things ready for Heather's shower on Sunday. We made mints and goodie bags, worked on the games, and drank wine. It was fabulous! Then when I got home about 10:00, Eric said, "Did you forget you were supposed to make cookies for pre-school tomorrow?" Oh, double sh#^! So, I was up last night at 11:00 making cookies. After I finished that, I had work to do on the computer, so it was after midnight when I went to bed. It seemed like I barely closed my eyes when the alarm was going off bright and early this morning.

Then, we had to drag Eli out of bed and wrestle him into his clothes. Pre-school mornings are always fun because Eli never wants to get dressed or eat breakfast, so after I manage to get clothes on him, I have to force feed him, then try to get Georgia ready so we can leave on time. Luckily, I managed to lift Eli's mood on the way to pre-school by popping in his favorite Laurie Berkner CD. (

Now, each morning, I only have so long to get coffee into my body. I have to have caffeine in my system no later than 10:00 or the pounding headache starts. However, the earlier, the better! So, I have my handy dandy Starbucks frappucinos in the fridge for mornings when I'm rushing out the door and don't have time to make coffee. This way, I can just grab one and suck it down in the car on the way to pre-school. This clears my head a little bit, which sometimes is not a good thing, because then I start to remember things I forgot to do before we left the house.
For example, we're supposed to slather our kids down with sunscreen before we send them of to pre-school. Well, double crap, I forgot to do that, and today they're having a picnic lunch, so I'm sure they'll be outside all day. Luckily, being the supermom that I am, I had sunscreen in Eli's backpack, so I whipped it open once we got inside. Imagine me trying to slather it on him, while Georgia is making a beeline down the hall in an early morning escape. And I wonder why all the other moms look at me like I'm a complete whackadoo!

Once I dropped Eli off, I remembered that I forgot to leave $2 for the picnic lunch. Yes, they wanted a $2 donation for the lunch because apparently, the $240 I paid them for the month isn't enough to cover a hot dog and kool-aid! Grrr!!! Hopefully, they'll feed him anyway, and I can pay them when I pick him up.

So, after I dropped him off, it was off to Scooter's to get my real coffee, and to visit with my friend, Aaron, who works there. My phone rang as soon as I pulled in so I had to pull over and talk before I could go get my coffee. Not two minutes later, here comes Aaron to my car. "What do you think this is - a Sonic?! We don't come to you!!!" They love me at the Scooter's! In fact, Eric and I have a list of ongoing true riddles about Scooter's. The question is "How do you know you go to Scooter's too much?" Here are some of the answers:

* When you pull up, and the employees look at their watch and tell you you're late.
* When the employees joke that you're putting them through college.
* When they have you come in and make your own drink (yes, I'm serious).
* When the barista becomes one of your best friends.
* When you start telling the new employee how to make a drink.
* When I make Aaron hold my baby so I can drink my coffee.
* When your son builds his own "Scooter's" on his Lego table at home.

Needless to say, after a four-shot latte, I feel much better! And I had the energy to come home and vacuum, so it's a win-win situation. The only difficulty is that I'm trying desperately to lose weight before the wedding, so my foo-foo coffees don't really fit into the mix. Unfortunately, I've had to cut waaay down and start making more coffee at home. I've been doing so well lately, that when I stepped on the scale yesterday, I was sure I had lost weight. . . and then I discovered I had gained three pounds. Some of the words I had for that damn scale were not pretty.

I'm now off to put this caffeine high to good use and do some laundry and housework before I start to calm down. I wish you all great coffee, lots of foam and extra shots. Cheers!

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