Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Look Who's 1!!! (June 25, 2006)

Don't you wish you had that much fun on your birthday? I think for my next birthday, I'm going to sit down and smash an entire cake in my face, too. That is a fun birthday!

Yesterday was the day of parties. Georgia Grace's party was around lunchtime, and Heather's engagement party was in the evening. I think both were a huge success. I decided to keep Georgia's party small this year, so we didn't invite all of our friends. We're doing that in a couple of weeks for Eli's party, and I felt badly about having two big parties so close together, as if to say, "Come. Buy my kids presents."

I discovered, however, that parties are a lot of work no matter how you slice it. It is difficult to pack everything in the window when you still have your kids at their "good" time before that sugar high wears off and they're ready for a nap. So, as soon as everyone got here, we had lunch, cut cake, and then Eli and Emily opened all of Georgia's gifts for her. The kids had a fabulous time, and we now need to build an addition to house all of the toys.

Georgia had an entire birthday cake all to herself, which she thoroughly enjoyed. I'm just hoping I can get the pink frosting out of everything. You would think frosting would come out of clothes, right? I'm a little worried because Georgia's face may be permanently stained pink from the frosting. The girl looks like she's suffering from Rosacea, but she doesn't seem to mind.

Next time anyone comes over to the house, we can have fun viewing the party on video! I was working the camera and the camcorder. Talk about multi-tasking. The only problem I had at the party was that some guests refused to take pictures, take video, help open gifts, or write down who the gifts were from because they were too busy sitting and watching the gifts being opened. Grrrrr! Is it just me, but when I got to a party, I always offer to help when people obviously need help. But you have to love those people who wait until everything is cleaned up and picked up, and as you're putting the last toy away, they say, "Do you need any help?" *sigh*

By the time we were ready to go the engagement party, both Eric and I were pooped. I already felt guilty leaving my baby girl on her birthday, and I felt even worse when I came in to say good-bye to her and she burst into tears. Not just tears, but the hysterical-sobbing-can't-catch-your-breath kind of tears. I think as soon as she saw I had make-up on, she knew I was leaving, so that pretty much did it. Or she could have just been scared of my dark lipstick. (I had on my evening face.)

But we left the crying baby with grandma, and Eli was so busy playing with all of Georgia's new toys that I couldn't even get him to look up when we left. No separation anxiety there!
We arrived at the engagement party promptly, and were greeted at the door with drinks. Woo hoo - my kind of party! I was pleased that even though I got very tipsy, I managed not to spill anything. Unfortunately, Heather was just as tipsy as me and spilled chardonnay all over the front of my dress. But hey, that's much better than spilling on the expensive furniture. What are friends for? Everyone seemed happy, and I tried to mingle with everyone, introducing myself, "Neila Forssberg, matron of honor."

You know how there's always one guest that people shy away from because the person is loud and boisterous? It wasn't me!! I was so happy! There was one friend of the family who kept feeding the family dog hummus off her finger, and when the owners came in, she said, "It's okay. We're hygienic." Heather said that is the one memory she's going to take away from the party. Classic!

Eric's favorite memory from the party was me introducing myself to the caterer. In all fairness, I was introducing myself to everyone, trying to mingle since I'm in the wedding party. I felt bad no one was talking to the guy, and he didn't look like a caterer. Eric said I should have received the hint when he met us at the door with drinks, but whatever.

Then there was the guy with the video camera. Everyone got liquored up and went downstairs in groups of three while he asked questions about Heather and Jim. Apparently, he's making a montage. If he shows it at the wedding I am so screwed. When you get Amy and me together bouncing off of each other, things can quickly go downhill, especially when he asked us to relate a fun story about Heather. There was talk of adult toys, Jim's hair, and how everyone thought he was gay when they first met. Hmmm . . . maybe he'll edit us out.

So the busy day is over. The kids had a great time at the party. We had a great time last night. And today we get to relax. Next up, bridal shower and Eli's birthday party. The fun never ends!!

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