Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Anthony - The Hot Wiggle (June 17, 2006)

Happy Saturday! Today, I'm blogging on little sleep. Georgia is teething. She has 3 teeth so far, and the 4th one is about to pop through! It's an upper tooth, so it's causing a lot of drool, and a lot of coughing, and very little sleep. She woke up about 2:15 this morning, coughing and fussing. Friday night is supposed to be my husband, Eric's night to get up with the kids. So about 2:18, I started poking him. I may have well blew an air horn in his ear because I don't think that would have woken him up either.

After a few minutes, I was wide awake, but that wasn't the point. I wanted to see how long it would take him to get up and get the baby. It took lots of poking, but 20 minutes later (2:38 am), he rolled out of bed to go get her. Even though it was his night witht he kids, it still didn't do me much good. He brought Georgia in the bedroom, and she launched herself at me and hung on to me with a death grip. She had her head turned so I couldn't see her, but Eric told me she had the biggest smile on her face. Yay, she loves mommy. Boo, daddy got to roll over and go back to sleep while Georgia and I were up until 4:30. Sigh. The life of a sleepless mom.

My days have been spent planning birthday parties for my children, as their birthdays fall within two weeks of each other. Georgia turns one on June 24th, and Eli turns four on July 8th. For Georgia's birthday, we decided just to have the grandparents and Georgia's cousin come up for a small get together and a cookout. So, we'll eat, open presents, and Georgia will smash cake in her face. It will be fabulous! But the price of party supplies just about kills me. I'm doing a Hello Kitty theme for Georgia. Just for plates, cups and napkins at Party City, I spent $24. At least with purchase of a cake at Target ($17.99 for a 1/4 sheet cake), I get a free little cake for her to smash in her face. You can expect pictures of that on upcoming blogs.

It will be such a busy day because the night of Georgia's birthday, we're leaving her and Eli with the grandparents while we attend Heather and Jim's engagement party. You all remember the wedding I'm in, right? If not, scroll down for a view of the bridesmaid dress. Much more on that in this week's blogs. I have a fitting on Tuesday, so I'm sure I'll be hyperventilating after I get to look at myself in that 360 mirror at the bridal shop.

Now to the main topic of today's blog, and I can't believe it took me this long to get there - apparently, I get off on tangeants too easily. My son, Eli, is currently into The Wiggles, a recent switch from his very strong interest in Caillou. Caillou is a 4-year-old French-Canadian boy who mysteriously has no hair. I'm a fan of Caillou just because he's not nearly as annoying as Barney.

Anyway, last month The Wiggles were in town so we took Eli to go see them. We left Georgia with a friend so we could just make this a special time for Eli, and because tickets for just the three of us cost $100! It's no wonder The Wiggles are so rich. Anyway, since then, Eli's interest in The Wiggles has been on the rise, and so has his viewing of the DVD - Wiggles Dance Party. So in the last month, I have gotten to know The Wiggles intimately. Eli's favorite wiggle is Anthony because he plays the drums. Mommy's favorite Wiggle is Anthony because he's a hottie - and he plays the drums. I think drums equal some sort of bad boy thing, even though he's a happy-go-lucky Wiggle. What's up with that?

But seriously, have you ladies seen this guy? Big blue eyes, sexy Australian accent, and in the older videos, he has longer hair. It makes me wonder if there are Wiggles groupies. I picture a bunch of soccer moms offering themselves up so their kids can get in backstage. I told Eric we should do a mocumentary ala Spinal Tap about a Wiggles-like group and show their wild parties and groupies. That would be a hit, or so controversial it would make some money.

But when I saw these guys in action, I was really quite impressed. They were so happy and energetic, it made me think that they're either on some serious drugs, or they genuinely enjoy what they're doing. Considering they made $42 million last year alone (yes, I said $42 million), they're probably pretty damn happy! Did you know they're the highest grossing entertainers in Australia? I think number two on the list was AC/DC, and they didn't even earn half of what the Wiggles made. Who knew all the money was in children's entertainment? And it definitely helps the moms that they have the hot drummer!

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