Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Delayed mail . . . and more about The Wiggles (7/4/06)

I have received so much flack for the comment I made about Anthony, the blue Wiggle, being a hottie. Apparently my friends find this great fodder for teasing me and making comments. Obviously, they haven't seen The Wiggles Cold Spaghetti Western with Anthony in his cowboy hat. Hmmmmmm . . . (See above photo. Remember, Anthony is the blue Wiggle.)But I digress, I would just like to point out that I am not the only one.

I located an article in the Sydney Morning Herald ( To summarize, the article states how the Wiggles have become unlikely sex symbols, and have been gaining more fervent fans in us American moms. There are a growing number of sexually suggestive letters and comments to the Wiggles, which they have politely ignored. I still say they have the backstage groupies, but whatever.

Anyway, that is proof that there are many moms out there having more than PG-13-related fantasies about Anthony Field. In fact, any mom who watches children's programming on a regular basis seems to have a crush of her own, as I am finding out. Eric's cousin, for example, sent me an e-mail saying she completely understands as she has a thing for Joe of Blue's Clues fame. She said she's constantly trying to get her children to watch less Dora and more Blue. You go, sister!

So, come on ladies, admit it to yourself. Which children's performer do you secretly pine over?

In other news, I am going to be enjoying my Fourth of July by doing (hopefully) nothing but cook out. We're contemplating taking the kids to see fireworks, but since it rained an inch last night, the ground is muddy, and I don't relish the idea of bathing wet, muddy kids after sitting on a blanket for a couple of hours. I have a feeling Georgie Porgie will be asleep by that time anyway. We shall see.

It's already been a full day, and it's only 10:00 am. I've already dealt with the bed-wetting yet again. (I'm still waiting on suggestions, people!) I have a star chart up on Eli's door, and he gets a star every morning that he has dry pants. He got a star yesterday morning (Yay!), but not this morning (Boo!). So, we've already stripped his sheets and bathed him. And then Georgia decided to help, too. After having a full bottle of milk, she spit up all over my bed. Now I have to strip those sheets too since I don't enjoy sleeping with the smell of sour milk. *sigh*

Hopefully, nothing dramatic happens the rest of the day. But, as my husband will tell you, I have a knack for making my own drama. I know I am obsessive-compulsive. I will just say that right off. I seem to pick up on a seemingly minor occurrence and dwell on it. This week, it was our mail. We get mail every single day. Sometimes it's nothing but junk mail, but it's mail nonetheless.

Saturday, I thought it was odd that there was no mail - not one ad, not one flyer - nothing. A few years ago, we didn't receive mail for a few days, and discovered our mail had been inadvertently stopped and everything was being returned to sender. So, one day without mail, and I was certain that's what was happening again. Eric wasn't nearly as concerned as I was. "Oh, we probably just didn't get anything. Don't worry about it." Yeah, whatever.

Monday, I was ready. I waited, and waited. I could easily monitor if the mail had come because the lady across the street had an envelope on her mail box, so all I had to do was look out to see if it had been picked up yet. Around 1:00, I took the kids to run errands. When we got back about 3:00, her envelope was gone, so I checked our mailbox. No mail! I was on the phone with the post office before I even put the groceries away. I called three different numbers before I actually reached a live person. Apparently, they have a script now because you can tell they're reading, and they profusely apologize three times before they even know what the problem is. I think this reduces the number of people who yell at them.

I explained the problem, and the woman took my information and said someone would get back to me within one business day (tomorrow). I was somewhat appeased for the moment, so I told myself to calm down and try not to dwell on it over the holiday. I put the groceries away, put Georgia down for a nap, and made dinner. Then, about 5:00, I don't know what possessed me, but I decided to look in the mailbox just one more time. Lo and behold, there was mail! Oh crap.

On one hand, I was quite pleased (except for the fact that we got the Visa bill and my husband saw how much I charged on my Amazon card last month). But on the other hand, I was annoyed because it just proved my husband's allegations - I am a complete lunatic.

I am now going to enjoy my day and try very hard to control my OCD. Hopefully today, nothing will spur one of my harebrained ideas. But maybe tomorrow . . .

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