Friday, July 21, 2006

A quiet day at home – Never!

Today was the day I was planning to get the kids out and run errands because it was supposed to be cooler. Well, it is cooler -72 degrees, as opposed to yesterday's 104!! However, I also woke up to torrential rains, thunder, and 60 mph winds. Honestly, I think I would rather get out in this weather than in the heat.

The day is looking up, however. I just checked my e-mail, and apparently I have just won $500,000 in the Nigerian lottery. I can enjoy the money while growing a large penis. It will be fabulous!

Some days when we don't leave the house, we get a little stir crazy, but other days, we just get crazy. Eli loves to create his own games. (A hint into his future? Hmmm. . .) Yesterday, we spent an hour (yes, an hour) playing the new game he invented. You place a plastic cup on my desk and then you take a large stick and push it off behind the desk, complete with me singing "Da Da Da" music. It was actually very fun. We even had Georgia laughing.

Georgia's favorite game right now is peekaboo. I'm not sure why people do this from the time babies pop out of the womb, but even strangers will come up to a baby, cover their eyes and then pop their hands off their face, screaming "Peekaboo." Sometimes it's enough to scare me. But, I digress. Georgia doesn't quite have the specifics of Peekaboo down, but she's close. She puts her hands to her face, and waits for you to say, "Where's Georgia?" before she holds her arms out in a "Ta Da" manner.

When she covers her face, however, her hands don't necessarily go over her eyes. Her hands can go on the top of her head, over her mouth, or on cheeks ala the Home Alone kid, but sometimes she does manage to cover one eye. Either way, when you see her with both hands anywhere on her head, you know what she's doing and if you don't say "Where's Georgia?", you will have one pissed off baby on your hands. This usually lapses into her blowing kisses. I mean, why not? Her hands are on her face anyway.

Yesterday, when Eli and I were playing the cup game, Georgia managed to get a green marker off my desk. She is so stealth, that I didn't even notice it until I looked at her and she had a green mark going up her lip and her forehead. *sigh* Does anyone have any idea exactly how long it takes to get permanent marker off a squirming baby? Well, I do!

While I was working on that project, the phone rang. I may have mentioned in the past that Eli answers the phone anytime he gets the chance. Since he can outrun me, this is most of the time. I have discovered that this is a great way to screen phone calls because he will start talking to anybody. As long as he hears a voice on the other end, he starts going. It doesn't really matter if it's grandma or a lady trying to get us to switch phone services.

Yesterday, I don't know who it was. I just heard him answer the phone and say, "Well mommy's in the bathroom with Sissy. She has green marker on her face. We were in the office, playing with the cup and you knock it off with a stick. And I just watched Bob the Builder, and Bob and Wendy . . . " Before he got too far into his Bob the Builder story, he stopped and looked at the phone. "I must have hit a button," he said and handed me the phone. I listened - complete dial tone. Apparently that particular sales person didn't feel like catching up on the latest episode Bob the Builder.

I better wrap this up. Georgia just woke up, and I have to go get her before she starts banging on the bars of her crib like a prisoner. All she needs is a tin cup and it would be perfect.

One thing I did want to mention in today's blog is the woman in France who got "dooced." Have you heard about this? Dooced means she got fired from her job because of something she wrote in her blog. Like many others, I am completely outraged about this. I have read this woman's blog, Petite Anglaise, and I love her! She is hilarious! She's like a real life Bridget Jones - you have to check her out. Anyway, her blog was completely anonymous (she refers to her daughter as Tadpole and her daughter's father as Mr. Frog), and she never mentioned the company where she worked or anyone with whom she worked by name. Yet somehow, senior management found out about her blog and gave her the axe. Apparently, this company's largest problem is a hard-working single mom with a blog. (The Man is everywhere - not just the good ole' USA.) She is now suing them for two years' salary. You go, sister! I hope she kicks them in the in the self-righteous balls, or bollocks as she would probably say. Check out her blog here. I am also adding her to my Links section on my Blogger page. You can check out the article in the Telegraph about her getting sacked here.

I'm off to get my baby!

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