Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This place is a zoo!

We took the kids to the zoo this weekend with Eric’s parents, his sister, and her kids. The zoo always sounds like a good idea in theory. Then when I get there and it’s the middle of July, I realize that it is f*cking hot! (I get irate in upper-90 degree heat.) It also doesn’t help that the stroller is a very distant memory for Georgia.

That is something I don’t understand. She doesn’t want to ride in the stroller, but she doesn’t want to walk either. I had to carry her through the whole zoo because she didn’t want anyone else but mommy. I tried many times to tell her that daddy needed love, too, but when Eric did tried to hold her, she was not happy:

The kids did seem to have a good time. I suppose I would have had a better time if someone was carrying my ass all over the zoo, but I digress.

The kids loved the petting area. I discovered that Georgia likes to hug the goats and lay on them just like she does our cats. Except the goats aren’t nearly as tolerant as the cats are. I had never seen a goat actually buck a small child. (Said goat is pictured below before the “incident”.)

Luckily, we escaped the petting zoo without injury. As we were leaving the zoo, we asked Eli what his favorite part was. Guess what he said. “The lady making the snow cones. That was cool!”


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun despite the tantrum.

CoolStuffForDads.com said...

Classic! Those type family trips are often more fun for me once they have become a memory!!

Crazy Working Mom said...

We always have good intentions when we play stuff like this don't we?! Then reality hits and we realize that it's FREAKIN' HOT!