Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Potty Palooza

This weekend, we took the kids to yet another birthday party. A 5-year-old girl’s Hannah Montana-themed birthday party. This was the cake:

Okay, I knew Hannah Montana was popular, but when I went to the party I was surprised that there were girls there as young as three who knew ALL the words to the Hannah Montana songs! Dude! Then the presents ranged from anything and everything related to Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus or High School Musical. For a 5-year-old? I am out of touch. I thought 5-year-old girls were still into Dora. I have a lot to learn in the next two years.

On the homefront, we proclaimed this weekend Potty Palooza. Georgia began wearing big girl panties on Saturday. Okay, I did put her in a Pull-Up for the party, but other than that she wore her big girl panties. The first couple of times, she had it. She pulled her undies down and went potty. After about the third time, for some reason, she said, “screw it” and decided it was just easier to go in the big girl panties and them scream for me to change her. *sigh*

Sunday was a little better. This time she did well all day. She pulled her pants down every time to go pee in the potty. Then she had to poop, and she pulled her pants down and pooped in the middle of the living room.

Monday, there was again a poop incident, but this time she did try to go to the potty. She just didn’t quite make it. But we are making progress, right? I’m hoping that it’s going to completely click soon. Eventually, everyone in my house will be wearing regular underwear. Without incident! It will happen! I know it!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there... soon she'll be leaving for college and you'll wonder where the years went...trust me...

Dana B. said...

Yep, I blinked and my little 5 year old girl is now 11. And she likes Hannah Montana, although she is starting middle school in a couple of weeks, so I think that will come to an end. I'm kind of scared to think what she'll be into now. :)

Mo said...

In the living room????