Friday, July 18, 2008

Tales From The Potty

And my attempts to potty train Georgia continue. Dude! She starts preschool the day after Labor Day. I have a little over one month with her, and she must have it down! I don’t think they would buy it if I just sent her to preschool, said she was potty trained and then acted shocked when she had an accident every single day. Or maybe I could try that. Hmmm . . .

At home, she does not wear pants. This tactic worked with Eli – naked from the waist down. With Georgia, that even works better because I bought her lots of little fun summer dresses, so you really can’t tell that she doesn’t have pants on. If I don’t put pants on her, she goes potty. So, we’re half way there.

Occasionally, I try putting regular panties on her. The first few times I tried that, she peed right through them. She didn’t get that you were supposed to pull them down to go potty. I tried again on Tuesday. She had on her little sundress and panties, and every time she needed to potty, she pulled the panties down! Woo hoo! Did she finally get it? Did it click? Is it possible the universe could be so kind to me?

Tuesday evening after a full day of success, we took the kids to the library. I took Georgia to the potty right before we left the house, and I decided to leave on her panties since she had been doing so well all day.

Picture this. We are in the middle of the (fully carpeted) library. Georgia was standing next to me, and all of a sudden I hear someone pouring water. Hmm . .. that’s odd. Then I looked down. Georgia was standing there, her legs slightly spread, and the biggest torrential downpour of pee I have ever seen was streaming out of her, flooding the carpet.

I gasped and snatched her up, wrapping her legs around my waist. I mean if she’s going to be, hopefully it would be less noticeable to those around us if she peed on me rather than in the middle of the floor.

Now, here is something I wish for you. I hope you are never in a dilemma in which the optimum choice is to have your child pee all over you.

I ran with Georgia to the restroom and sat her on the potty – not that that did any good since she was all finished by then. I pocketed her soaked panties – I mean what the hell, right? I was already soaked in pee. And I tried to subtley leave the library with urine-soaked clothing and a half naked 3-year-old.

Eric was waiting outside for me. Laughing his ass off.

Okay, so in retrospect it probably was funny. But still, I hope next time Georgia pees all over daddy.


Reiza said...

Oh, I'm SO sorry. Please know, though, that you're not alone.

One of my girls once pooped on the floor at the library (apparently, she pulled her panties to the side, crouched down and pooped), also on carpeted floor. She then repeatedly walked through it.

I cried when I took her to the bathroom to try to clean her off. Luckily, a friend was with me, so she went to the desk to make them aware of the problem. They didn't have a carpet shampooer, so when we finally came out, I found them trying to clean it with carpet POWDER.

I was mortified.

So please know you are not alone. I feel for ya.

Reiza said...

Oh oh oh and once, we were at a fast food place and a child peed from up on those damn triangles that you need to climb up--the ones that go back and forth and are damn near impossible for adults to scale when the kid gets to the top and freaks. The parents are watched it as it fell like a water fall down each of the triangles.

The elderly woman who guards the play land was very annoyed and made a few rude comments, but every single parent there smiled at the mom knowingly and encouragingly.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do it...

LadyBugCrossing said...

The last time LLB peed in her panties, we were on a long walk to pick up #1 from preschool. She was in the carriage. I parked her off to the side and left her with my mom so I could go get #1 inside.
She wanted to go in, but I told her no because she peed in her pants.
She wanted me to change her. I couldn't until we got home. She was very unhappy being all wet...
Problem solved...
Cleaning the carriage - not fun.
I so remember those days - she's 13 now and would totally die if she knew I posted this!!!

Jennifer said...

I soooooo know what you are going through. I have 4 kids. My older girls took forever to potty train. My son is two. I heard boys were harder. I was determined to be prepared this time. I even went to the library and got "Potty Train your child in a day" and read it. I wasn't sure he was ready, so I was just going to wait for him and he just did it himself one day. I couldn't believe it. He is 21 months and completely potty trained. While I didn't actually need to go through all of the steps in the book. I did learn a few interesting ideas. The main thing that it teaches that might work for you is to let the child potty train a doll. It takes the pressure off. You can go through all of those important steps with the underwear and everything. They think it's fun, but secretly, they are learning. One of those fun mommy mind tricks. I would recommend the book wholeheartedly.

I feel your pain. Until now, I absolutely dreaded potty training. Good luck. By the way I love your blog!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Tyler will be 3 next month. We're working on him. He's doing better. The fun thing about a little boy is trying to teach them to aim! YEAH RIGHT!!!

Gayle said...

Thank-you for finally giving me a laugh today. You did better than I would have. I'd have let her finish peeing, then we would have went to the bathroom to throw the panties away and then gone home like nothing happened. Ignorance is bliss.