Thursday, July 24, 2008

Neila's Random Thursday 13

You could say I got creative this week, or stole a page out of Mo’s book, or just flat out couldn’t think of 13 things to write about.

1. Eli desperately needs a haircut and I refuse to spend $20 when I can do it myself. The problem is – he HATES having his hair cut. I asked him today what it would take for him to sit still while I cut his hair. He looked me square in the eye and said, “75 cents.” It’s nice to know he has a price.

2. Today is my last “Mom’s Day Out” for the summer. I can’t decide if I should do something productive or just say ‘screw it’ and go see The Dark Knight.

3. I could also get a pedicure – that falls under “productive,” right?

4. Is there anyone who actually likes the show Little Bear on Noggin?

5. You would think that since I work from home, there wouldn’t be a time when I feel the urge to smack a co-worker, right? Wrong.

6. Less than one month until The Goo Goo Dolls, Volume 2 comes out on August 19th. I have already pre-ordered my copy. I am so excited!

7. I never believed my stylist when she said I needed a $100 flat iron to get my hair straight. Then I finally broke down and bought one. She was right. The Croc iron is a freaking miracle!

8. I would really like to know why healthy foods are so freaking expensive! I just paid almost $6.00 a pound for Rainier cherries. This annoys me because they jack up the prices so high that no one buys it. Then it goes rotten, and they have to throw it out. Does this make sense to anyone?

9. If you can’t afford to spend $6.00 a pound for cherries, you could always go buy some bulk Brach’s candy. That’s only $3.00 a pound.

10. I am so excited that Project Runway is back on. This has nothing to do with the massive girl crush I have on Heidi Klum.

11. Georgia’s quote of the day was when she stomped up to me in her princess shoes and loudly stated, “Excuse me! But I am NOT a monster!” And stomped away. . . oooookay.

12. I learned that you can add fiber to your diet easily by crushing up Mini-Wheats and using them in recipes!

13. I had a hypnotherapy appointment last night, and my therapist is awesome. This is just one of the reasons I love her. She showed up in tight jeans, a bullet belt, a sheer black shirt and black bra, and dark make-up. She had a “gig” right after our appointment (her husband is in a band), and she knew I wouldn’t mind if she was herself. I love her!


Meg said...

I think the chicken crossed because...he wanted to.

Anyway, just came by and wanted to say excellent blog, mama!

Elisa said...

because the chicken was free-range...
Love the blog :)

Gayle said...

You are hella-funny lady, and possibly the inspiration for my 13. Thanks for keeping me laughing!

Thea said...

Go see Dark Knight. Why do something productive on your last one? Splurge, baby, splurge!

the teach said...

You have me rolling in the aisles, Neila! Get the pedicure, forget the cherries and buy the Brach's candy. :) Great TT13 post!

Julie said...

Oooh good tip on the Mini Wheats!

Qtpies7 said...

I like the Mini Wheats tip, too!
And I say get the pedi or see the movie.
I LOVE your new blog design! Ok, maybe it isn't "new" but it is the first time I have been here since you got it.

Crazy Working Mom said...

I've never heard of the croc iron. I have a chi. I ♥ it! I might have to look into this croc iron, though.

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