Friday, July 25, 2008

Rambling Friday

It was the last day of Mom’s Day Out, and the pedicure won! I hit up Beauty Brands this morning, and now I sit here with purple toenails. All is right with the world. And I didn’t even have to feel guilty because I had a gift certificate.

After that I went and spent $40 on my luxury purchase of gas! It’s really sad that I got excited because gas was ONLY $3.87 on the Missouri side.

Anyway, once I pick the kids up from Mom’s Day Out, they are always exhausted. You’d think that would be a good thing, right? Nope. Not my offspring. Georgia fell asleep on the way home, and all you moms know what that means. If your kid sleeps for 10 minutes in the car, that is their nap for the day. Yeah, no way in hell was she going back to sleep when we got home. So, that meant I had two very tired, very cranky kids on my hands who began fighting about everything, including such important issues as who got to hug the cat or who got to put the broom away.

At one point I banned the kids from watching anymore DVDs because I couldn’t handle the argument of whether they were going to watch Speed Racer or Backyardigans. After I announced the DVD ban, they left the room for about 30 seconds, and I immediately heard a Backyardigans DVD start up on the office computer. I went in there to find the kids sitting on the office chair, and I glared at them. Eli said, “I didn’t do it. It just started all by itself.”

I said, “Really? You mean the DVD jumped out of the case and into the computer and started playing all by itself, and you never even touched it?”

Eli said, “Exactly!” My sarcasm is lost on him. Although I am glad he is such a bad liar. I hope that skill doesn’t improve before high school.

Once they settled down, I continued on my quest to get my family healthy by making a dinner of citrus tilapia and brown rice with almonds. They bypassed that and began screaming because I wouldn’t let them have taffy.

I think I am ready for another Mom’s Day Out.

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Crazy Working Mom said...

I need to get a pedi too. My belly is too big to paint my own toenails. *sigh*