Friday, July 11, 2008

All together now – Ewwww!

Do you ever have a day where your children do something, and you wonder what happened to the brain that God gave them? Eli has something new he started doing the other day.

I was sitting in the family room, and he came out of the bathroom with a big wad of wet toilet paper in his hand. I said, “WHAT are you doing?” He explained that he decided to throw the toilet paper away in the trash can rather than in the toilet. After he used the bathroom, he used the toilet paper and then put it in the toilet. Then dug it all out of the toilet (I won’t go into how disgusting this was – you can imagine), wrung it out and brought it into the family room.

I was trying to be calm. I said, “Eli, YUCK! Toilet paper stays IN the toilet! Why would you take it out?” Then I got the answer that is really beginning to annoy me.

“I dunno.” Gaaa!

I explained about germies, and how we don’t stick our hands in the toilet (Ewwww!), and Eli said he wouldn’t do it again.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was on the phone with one of my best friends, and I had to go to the bathroom. (Come on, you’ve all gone to the bathroom when you’re talking on the phone. Don’t pretend you haven’t.) However, I didn’t flush, because I didn’t want the person on the other end to hear the toilet flushing.

I was on the phone for a few more minutes, and as I was hanging up, here comes Eli out of the bathroom with a big wad of toilet paper, asking “Mama, why did you waste all this toilet paper?” Yes, he had dug every last bit of it out of the toilet. This time Eric was home. It was very entertaining to see the look of horror on his face when he realized what Eli was doing.

This time Eric talked to Eli and scrubbed his hands clean. We got the same, “I won’t do it again.” Uh-huh. I certainly hope not. I would just really like to know where Eli developed a sudden fascination with toilet paper.


Donna said...

It's probably just his attempt to "go green" and save the forests. Maybe he has a plan to re-use the TP eventually?

Mo said...

Let's just hope he doesn't try drying it out to make home-made paper for his own line of greeting cards...

Renae Burt said...

Funny....Kind of a nightmare and a comic strip...very funny.
I love your blog.
I'm a new reader, found your blog through the Blog Moms....
Is it okay If I link you on my blog??

Crazy Working Mom said...

Boys will be boys!