Thursday, August 28, 2008

13 Reasons I'm Late Posting My TT

1. My computer and I have been having a love/hate relationship the last couple of days.

2. Yesterday afternoon was spent watching a hot British guy from Home Depot install my new front door.

3. He thought the fact that he was hot and British excused him from screwing up.

4. It didn’t.

5. I’m way too freaking good at procrastination.

6. I just downloaded AIM (big mistake). BTW, I’m WikiNeila.

7. I have been trying really hard to work more hours.

8. I keep getting interrupted because I have to stop Georgia from jumping on the cats.

9. I’m working on writing my new romance novel.

10. I couldn’t freaking think of anything to write about.

11. I was too busy helping Georgia make aliens in the Martian Matter Alien Maker.

12. I am downloading every song I have to my new iPod Nano.

13. I need to clean the house. I didn’t do it. I just sat here and thought about how I needed to do it. (See #5.)


Anonymous said...

Writing a romance novel? Cool! Make it extry steamy...

Just sayin...

Luka & Ezri said...

Making aliens is fun! Can you use the martian matter to make a "Thing-In-A-Jar?"

Miss said...

What's a Martian Matter Alien Maker? That sounds like fun.

I have trouble thinking of 13 things every week. In fact I only can every 2 weeks lol.

Hope everything was installed ok. Have a great weekend and Happy TT.

Supposed Paradise

Spice said...

#5 is my reason alot of the time! :) Happy TT! Mine is up over at

Mo said...

You have a hot British handyman in your house and you can't think of anything HOT to write about????