Thursday, August 07, 2008

13 Things I'm Addicted to on Facebook

Okay, dammit, Facebook is about the biggest distraction I have when I’m trying to work. They’re evil, I tell you! Evil! Here are a few of the things that suck me in.

1. Scrabble – Scrabulous is gone, so now it’s just Scrabble. And Morgen continuously kicks my ass, but I’ll sit there and look at that damn board for 20 minutes when I should be working.

2. WordTwist – It’s some bad ju ju, baby! This is the most addictive thing I have found since coffee. I have one friend with a higher score than me in ladder mode, and I just can’t let it go! I must beat her!

3. Food Fling – It took one damn person to fling chocolate mousse at me, and now I can’t stop.

4. Scramble – I’m not as addicted to this as WordTwist, but it’s right up there.

5. Name it! – This one really tests your knowledge. And it's addictive. Damn my friends for inviting me to play these games.

6. The Quizzes – Because I kick ass on anything related to 80’s movies!

7. Flair – I spent about 30 minutes yesterday organizing my flair board. It’s pathetic.

8. Greenpatch – I swear to God, sending and receiving Greenpatch plants is about half of what I do. And I’ve still only saved like 4 feet of rain forest.

9. Send Coffee – I don’t really Superpoke anymore, I just send people fun coffee. It’s much more satisfying.

10. Music – I recently discovered you could add music to your page. If you want to listen to some classic Goo, check my page out!

11. Groups – I love the groups that I am in – you can find something for whatever you’re interested in. My favorite group is entitled, “I judge you when you use poor grammar.”

12. Friend Updates – I really enjoy the friends who update this every day. Either I’m really a voyeur, or I’m just really freaking nosy!

13. Bumper Stickers – Oh, dude! It’s almost as bad as the flair.


Meju said...

I have not been to Facebook except to approve it for my teenaged daughter...perhaps a second look is on order.

Nicholas said...

I have never been to Facebook either, but if it's as addictive as you say, I should probably leave it that way.

Anonymous said...

::raises hand::

Flair ho!

Oh and I'm with you on the friends who update.

Spent 2 hours quizzing, poking and flairing yesterday... beats cleaning!

Yasmin said...

Wow...the only thing I've done at Facebook for a year is approve friend request...I'm so not ova there but I guess I should be over there more see what's going on because it sounds like a lot of kewl stuff.

Lisa said...

I just got my facebook page and can see myself addicted. I love word twist, its similar to a game I play on hubby's iPhone all the time.

Happy TT!

Jen said...

I can't believe it took me such a long time to discover Flair, but I've wasted several hours sending and organizing so far. And I'm in the "grammar" group too! Your list was interesting because there are several things there I've never tried--thanks for the ideas. Many of these are reasons I like Facebook so much better than MySpace.

Thea said...

Facebook is one thing that I just never got into. I have an acct but I have no idea what to do with it!

Jackie said...

Everything on the computer is addicting to me! LOL

Happy TT :)

Mo said...

Okay, I haven't touched Flair because I've heard it's addictive from too many people!
Greenpatch is already too addictive - along with word twist and Scrabble (must say I like Scrabulous better)

Crazy Working Mom said...

It is all addictive. I've got too much on my plate as it is...just trying to keep up with my blog and the ones in my reader! *sigh*