Friday, August 22, 2008

The Girls Get A Whistle

Last Friday, I made the best purchase I think I have made in years – an underwire bra. Usually I don’t wear an underwire bra because . . . I mean really, what’s the point? Two kids just ruined my boobs.

I was out shopping for new clothes when the sales woman said, “That dress would look so much better if you had a bra that pushed you up.” I told her I seriously doubted they carried bras in my cup size. Well guess what? They had three bras in my size. So I tried one on. Dude! The way these girls were lifted and pointing out, I was afraid I was going to take somebody's eye out.

The sales woman and Eric thought the new bra did amazing things for me. And I have to admit, they were right. With my boobs up, you can actually tell I have a shape.

So, I was already feeling good about myself when school started this week. Not to mention, about 5 people have commented on the weight I have lost (this bra freaking rocks)!

The first couple days this week, we decided to walk Eli to and from school because we wanted to observe the whole car line. And by the way, after four days, I still don’t know how the hell that works.

When we were walking home from school the other day, Eric and the kids were walking a few feet in front of me, and I was just cruising along behind them at my own pace. Then all of a sudden, a truck drives by, and a guy hangs out and whistles at me! Seriously!! Dude! I haven’t been whistled at since college!!

And every woman loves to be whistled at! Even the ones who lie and say they don’t. I just kind of stood there in a very pleasant shock when Eric whipped around and said, “Did someone just whistle at you?!”

“Yes! They DID!!” That’s right! Not only did I get whistled at, but my husband heard it!! It has been a great week! And I feel so validated!


Leeann said...

OK, you must reveal the type of bra you bought..NOW!


Thea said...

I'm with leeann. Seriously.

Brand. Style. Store.

I'm in serious need of some new bras.

LadyBugCrossing said...

That's wonderful!
Bask in the glory, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...



Go you sexy mama!!!!!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

That rocks!! Gotta luv a bra that gets whistles!! I gotta know the brand name, I have issues in that department too!

Crazy Working Mom said...

When I was working out at Curves, getting weighed and measured once a month I wore my new Victoria's Secret push up bra. I had an extra 3 inches. *LOL*

The lady was like...whoa what's going on here!? I told her I had a new bra and she laughed and said that now she new Victoria's Secret!

I'm glad this new bra's working out for you. :)

Ra-Ra-Ra-Rachel said...

Well Well! What kind of bra DID you get because I haven't even had children and I'm having a problem with my girls ;(