Thursday, August 28, 2008

Green Works Dish Soap Blog Tour

You would think with the majority of households having dishwashers, that dish soap wouldn’t be in such high demand, but it still is. At my household, it’s amazing how many dishes and pans I’ve collected that aren’t dishwasher safe, plus I use my dish soap daily to scrub down all the sticky messes off of my countertops.

With two kids who are constantly climbing up on the counters, it is important for me to have a dish soap that cleans effectively, as well as kills germs. Gone are the days when we could just buy any cleaner that was on sale, and not worry about where all those soap bubbles went when we washed them down the drain. Now, we are conscious enough to know that everything we put down the drain has a direct effect on the environment.

A few months ago, I did a blog tour on some of the new Green Works products including their all-purpose cleaner and glass cleaner. When I got the opportunity to try the new Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid, I was very excited. Mom Central teamed up with Clorox for a new blog tour and sent me a bottle of the new dish soap to try. As much as I loved my previous Green Works products (and have been buying them ever since), I was very excited to try the dish soap.

Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid uses all-natural plant-based ingredients such as coconuts and lemon oil, making it effective and biodegradable. Plus, it has an awesome smell! In fact, the EPA recently recognized Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid for its environmentally preferred chemistry.

I used it immediately when I got it in the mail. I filled up a sink full of sudsy water and was immediately struck by the scent. We received the original scent, which smells very clean and citrusy. Green Works Dish Soap also comes in Water Lily, Tangerine, Free & Clear, and Simply Lemon.

I began cleaning the dishes I had in the sink, and I was pleased at how well the dish soap cut through the grease in the pans. Overall, it was a success! The only complaint I had about the dish soap was that after washing a few pans, I looked down and saw that the bubbles had dissipated. When I wash dishes (or the car, or my hair for that matter), I really enjoy lots of suds and bubbles. Green Works Dish Soap is very effective, but it definitely is not big on the suds-o-meter.

So the main question here is – would I buy it again? Absolutely! I really do love all the Green Works products. They clean effectively, they smell great, and they are environmentally friendly. Look in a store near you today for Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid and the full line of all-natural Green Works cleaning products, and visit Clorox Green Works Website for more information.


Mo said...

I've been using the Green Works spray cleaner and enjoy it - saw a thing on Consumer Reports on the news and Green Works beat out other spray cleaners for cleaning the shower, better than everything to get rid of soap scum except for scrubbing powder - and really, who scrubs their shower with Ajax powder still?

Patti said...

I'm all for products that are better for the environment but Green Works is a fraud. When you alter natural ingredients and turn then into chemicals they are no longer natural in my book. Maybe someone outside of Clorox will offically define what natural is. Until then I will only by natural products that have not be processed.