Saturday, January 06, 2007

The good stuff

Well, it took four days, but I’m finally feeling better. I called Doogie’s office yesterday, and I was praying they wouldn’t make me come in. Anyone with kids knows that it is not fun to drag two children to the doctor’s office on a good day, much less when you’re suffering from a headache.

I was really hoping they would call me in a prescription for some Imitrex or something. Well, it must have been my lucky day because the nurse called back and said they had called in a prescription for Vicodin.

Seriously? They’ll call in Vicodin if you tell them you have a headache? Score! I’m noting that for future reference.

Needless to say, after picking up my prescription, I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon and evening in a drug-induced haze, which is why I didn’t blog last night. Although that would have been one interesting blog.

But I digress. I feel much better this morning, and I was so happy to be able to have a day to enjoy my family. Especially after I had this freaky-ass nightmare last night that my parents were suing for full custody of Georgia. Why can’t I have fun la-la dreams when I’m on narcotics?

Anyway, I went to get Georgia out of her crib this morning, and she was all smiles. I picked her up and said, “There’s my sweet girl! Give mommy a good morning kiss!” She leaned in and belched like a sailor right into my mouth. Nice. That’s okay, though, because nothing will ever top the time that Baby Eli threw up in my mouth. That’s a story for another day.

Georgia’s taste in music seems to be expanding. When we were in the car yesterday going to get my prescription, a song came on, and I hear clap, clap, clap. I looked back and she was swinging her head around like she was a Solid Gold dancer. It always amazes me the songs she adds to her repertoire. First Asia, and now Alien Ant Farm:


ian said...

That reminds me of an incident back when I was a bachelor living with a couple of my friends. The two guys were walking back from the grocery store behind our apartment and the event was described to me thusly by Fillip: "You know how Jeff was eating bean and bacon soup earlier? He cut loose with a massive belch just as I was breathing in, and I tasted bacon! Do you have any idea how disgusting it is to taste bacon when you haven't eaten any? I almost puked!"

We laughed a lot about that one.


Morgen said...

Yay for call-in Vicodin!
Wow -- that's some rapport you got with your medical staff!
Unless they said -- phone in whatever the hell she wants, just keep those kids outta here!

I think Georgia will be the new hostess for RetroGold: The Eighties in a few years!

ian said...

As far as Eli vomiting in your mouth, I am reminded of the scene from This is Spinal Tap where they have to explain how one of their drummers died from choking to death on someone else's vomit.


Desert Songbird said...

Alien Ant Farm is new to me, so here are my random thoughts:

Someone must have been doing some serious Vicodin themselves to come up with some if this sh...stuff.

That little kid sure can dance.

I totally get the blowing out the windows of the AMC Pacer, but...

...what is the deal with that chimp?

Hope you're feeling better w/ or w/o the Vicodin!