Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Faking It

Oh, there are just so many directions I could go with that title, aren’t there?

After four days of gray, cold gobbledy gook, today was . . . . well, it was still cold. But the sun finally came out. I was so happy that I could get out today. Then once I was out in the 15 degree weather, I realized I must be completely insane and went back home as fast as possible. It is too cold!

My favorite quote of the day came from a nurse at my doctor’s office. I went in this afternoon, and the main roads had given way to slush rather than sheets of ice. The nurse made the comment, “I sure hope it doesn’t get cold enough tonight for all of this to refreeze.”

Lady, are you serious? It’s 15 degrees!!! And the low tonight is supposed to be -2!! That's NEGATIVE 2!!! I think it might refreeze.

I came home after my doctor’s appointment and made dinner (mini Italian meatloaves – yum yum). They were very quick, so it was soon time to force feed Eli. I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but the boy does not like to eat. He waits until his stomach is growling, and then he takes a few bites of food until his tummy is not growling anymore, and then he is done. I really wish I could practice that philosophy.

At age four, however, I am concerned the child is going to starve. Since he was a preemie, I have been concerned from the first day of his life that he is not getting enough to eat. I have been force feeding him ever since. When I get him to take a bite of something new, he will fight with me, and then finally give in complete with protests and gagging noises.

Tonight’s mini-meatloaves were no different. Eric was trying to get him to eat, so I didn’t exactly see what went on, but I could hear the gagging sounds as he tried dinner. Then I heard, “I throwed up.” Uh-oh. I went in to see what was wrong. Eli claimed he threw up, but Eric said he was faking it because he didn’t like dinner.

I told Eric there was a difference between spitting it out and throwing it up. Eric still maintained Eli was faking it, and told him to try another bite. So, in went another bite. And up it came. I said, “He is NOT faking it!” He makes gagging noises, and even spits out his food when he is faking it, but the only time he ever says, “I throwed up,” is when he has thrown up!

Eric and I continued to debate for awhile about exactly how manipulative our son actually is. Eric decided the best solution was to put him to bed. Because if he really did throw up and he’s sick, he needs to go to bed. And if he’s faking it, it will teach him a lesson if he’s immediately sent to bed.

You can imagine how well that went over. Especially since Georgia was still up and loudly chasing the cats around screaming, “MEOW!” She mimics the animal sounds on her See and Say. Remember See and Say? When we were little, it had a pull string. Now it has a lever because apparently, too many children strangled themselves. Anyway, remember “The cat says MEOW!” That is exactly how Georgia says it. It’s amazing!

But I digress. Eli finally went to bed, and we never did decide for sure if he was faking throwing up or if he just really detests my cooking that much. I guess if the preschool calls after lunch and tells me that Eli just threw up his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, we’ll know he was telling the truth.


Angel said...

I was nanny to a kid a little while back who also refused to eat. He was eventually so skinny his bones showed through and yet he refused point blank to eat!! Nothing worked. I don't think its your cooking, though...those mini meatloaves sound YUMMY!!!

ian said...

It's just something that kids do, Neila. All my kids have gone through this phase of not eating (my youngest seems to currently live on cereal and air), but they eventually grow out of it. Enjoy it while you can; someday you're going to have two teenagers in the house at the same time.


Sparky Duck said...

My 9 year old nephew still pulls the faking BS, saying his stomach hurts or he's nasauseous when dinner is not something his spoiled little stomach is used to eating. So if he was faking, think of what you could be looking forward too :)

SQT said...

My kids can be picky too. I've learned not to force them to eat because they will also do the gag and then throw-up thing. They're not sick, but they really really don't want to eat the food I put in front of them. I've kind of given in on it because I don't particularly like cleaning up the mess.

Desert Songbird said...

When my daughter was two years old, she started in with the not eating and threw up once when she didn't like something. I stopped forcing the issue (so that I didn't encourage eating disorders like I have), and now at age 11 she's got a normal appetite that resumed when she turned 5.

My son started his not eating stunt at age 2, has threatened to throw up (but hasn't), and has yet to resume eating normal food (at age 7 1/2). He has very tentatively started to try new foods, but he refuses to take "big risks."

I just don't want to give my kids hang ups about food, but I'm sick of the battles at dinner time.

I can empathize with you, but I don't have any answers either.

scribbit said...

Kids can be so sneaky sometimes. They crack me up. My sister once faked a broken arm for so long my parents were going to take her to the ER before they tricked her into revealing it was all an act. :)

Desert Songbird said...

I SWEAR to you I was gonna tag you on for the ABC meme, but I have no freakin' idea why I didn't...I really don't! And I really was gonna!

So, tag! You're it!

jessie girl said...

it will be good if u can get appetizers supplement for him. it works good. boost the appetite before meals so he can eat well during meals even if he doesn't want it. children needs plenty of nutrients when they are young. it's like a foundation for them to grow old in.

Morgen said...

Neila: for the past few days, I've been reading your blog first thing in the morning, as soon as I sit down -- which means I have an armful of needy Jazper. I keep meaning to come back and comment, but apparently I haven't -- sorry!
I loved loved loved the image of Georgia running around the house screaming "MEOW" just like the see 'n say! Yes, I can hear that annoying "meee-ow" clear as nails on chalk board in my head!
Thanks for the image! :)

Thanks for making my mornings with Jazper extra special! Please know I'm here every morning, even if I can't comment right away! (He leaves me 1 finger to use the mouse, otherwise it's all about him -- typical MALE!)