Monday, January 22, 2007

The New Wiggle

I related the news when it broke at the beginning of December of the retirement of Greg, the yellow Wiggle. Greg handed his yellow shirt over to Sam, the new yellow Wiggle (see photo of Sam to the right). Anyway, I hadn’t really thought about how I was going to break this news to Eli. We decided not to make a big announcement that there would be no more Greg, but we hadn’t really taken the thought any further.

Last week, the Wiggles, complete with Sam, were on Good Morning America. I wasn’t really looking at Sam because I was way too focused on sexy Anthony (the blue Wiggle) who at the time was hopping like a kangaroo. So, in my defense, I was distracted.

Eli asked, “Mommy, why is Greg wearing his hair like that?” Without thinking, I responded, “That’s not Greg, sweetie. That’s Sam, the new Wiggle.” (Insert head slap here.) I realized my mistake as soon as it came out of my mouth.

I looked at Eli, whose eyes were about to bug out of his head. “But, where’s Greg?!!!” he practically screamed. I couldn’t really back peddle, so I just said, “Well, Greg retired so he could stay home with his family. Sam’s the new yellow Wiggle, and he looks like he’s going to be a lot of fun.” Then I think I even clapped and said “Yay!”

He wasn’t buying it. Eli’s response? “I DON’T LIKE SAM! I WANT TO SEE GREG!” Well, crap on a stick. Thinking fast, I said, “You will! You will still see Greg!” I explained that it’s like Blue’s Clues. Since they run old ones and new ones, sometimes, you see Joe and sometimes you see Steve. I told him it was like that. Sometimes you’ll see Sam and sometimes you’ll see Greg.
That just got an “Oh.” He seemed happy with that. And I got another lesson in how I really need to think things through before they come out of my mouth!


Desert Songbird said...

This is how long it's been since I was subjected to The Wiggles - I never knew some had been replaced, and I probably wouldn't have noticed anyway!

So glad I don't have to worry about things like this, but I'm sorry for you. It's a tough job trying to keep up our kids' fantasy lives, isn't it?

_gentle said...

It's exhausting indeed. That's why I let my husband do all the BS-ing and I just sit there and nod along.

Morgen said...

I think new Sam looks like he's about 14!
How funny that you were too busy watching Antony!

That was a pretty good save there with the Blues Clues Analogy -- although, I must say that Joe is NO Steve!!!!

Oh, the drama of children's television! Ha!


SQT said...

I watch the Wiggles just to see Anthony too.

*♦*♦*♦*♦* Amber *♦*♦*♦*♦* said...

Anthony is very sexy. My mother was watching it with my daughter and I and commented that he was. I was overjoyed. lol.

It's not the same without Greg, I hope he's doing well.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Does Sam and Greg look a like, at least with Steve and Joe from Blue's Clues they look sort of alike.

Sparky Duck said...

if the soap operas can pull it off, I assume the wiggles can pull a switcheroo off as well

Anonymous said...

I am very sad to see Greg leave! I don't think I will enjoy the Wiggles the same. Greg was the lead singer and the most fun. When my son first saw Sam he asked me who he was and then told me he was stupid. Hopefully most kids won't notice, but that is hard when Greg was the lead Wiggle.