Thursday, January 04, 2007

Answer to #9

My goodness, you all have dirty minds! That is awesome! And it's probably why we get along so well.
I thought I would let you know how my toys get dirty since everyone was so curious. When I do a Passion Party, I demonstrate Gigi with lube on a rocket-shaped lube bottle (Slick Stick), so Gigi needs cleaned.

On the massage toys, like the Super Deluxe Smitten and the Amazing Hot Massager, I go around and massage everyone's arm with Cremesicle Massage Lotion or Spice Massage Lotion.

And there is a small vibrator called the Velvet Pleasure, that is great for giving yourself a little neck massage or a massage around the temples with some Tingling Tootsies cream if you have a headache. (Although it's not working for me at the moment.) So I pass that around so everyone can give it a try.
See, perfectly innocent.
Hopefully that takes everyone's minds out of the gutter for a few seconds. I am now going to take some Excedrin Migraine as I deal with Headache: Day 2.


Desert Songbird said...

Thanks for the explanation AND the photos -- gotta love the visuals!

Peanut said...

good thing my parental units aren't home!

ian said...

*whistling innocently*

Hmm? Oh, nothing, honey. Just washing these toys after the party. You know. Because they're dirty.


Morgen said...

"rocket-shaped lube bottle"
best quote of the new year!

Is it wrong for me to want to come to one of your Passion Parties???

Sparky Duck said...

ok, gigi scares me a little bit, though that is more because of the price. $29????!? you know how much TP you can buy with that

jenny mclellan said...

thank you for the clarification. I was a little concerned as well as to how/why the products get "dirty" at the parties!

Tisha said...

I love fun parties. : )
Haven't been to one or hosted one in a while!!! I have a love smitten. Love it!!