Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stealth Snow

That’s right! This weekend, we are digging out from a snow storm. If you’re east of Kansas City – get ready. It’s coming your way. I knew it was supposed to snow, but it wasn’t supposed to get heavy until after midnight last night. That made me happy because I had a Passion Party last night at 5:00. So, what happened?

It had just started snowing lightly when I arrived at my Passion Party. I unloaded all of my things, and the hostess closed her blinds and drapes before we got started. Apparently, people don’t like their neighbors to peer in the window and see a bunch of women passing around dildos. But, I digress.

At 10:00, everyone had ordered (awesome party, btw!!), and talked, munched, and the non-drivers were properly liquored up on wine and martinis. Then we opened the door to head out. Everyone stopped and gasped. During the party, it had snowed about four inches. And it was still snowing. Yes, it was beautiful, but now we were faced with the prospect of digging out.

Luckily, many of the women were soccer moms who were ready to jump in their 4-wheel drive minivans and SUVs and kick the ass of these snow-covered streets, so no one had much of an issue with driving. It didn’t take long before we were all out of there, and home. But I am determined to do a Passion Party where it doesn’t freaking rain or snow!


susie J said...

You really crack me up. You are witty, and quick!! But, I am just so, so, so shy. I can't even imagine so uninhibited -- and I'm so happy for you gals aren't. Really, though, how do you get that kind of courage?

Donna said...

Lots of people I used to work with attended those parties, and loved them. Although I got lots of laughs listening to their experiences, that really isn't my cup of tea. LOL.

ian said...

I woke up with my wife informing me that she'd shoveled when she got home.

Shoveled? It wasn't snowing when I went to bed.

Now it's snowing, and hard. We have four inches and no sign of stopping. This is the fifth freakin' week in a row. Somebody needs an asskicking.


Morgen said...

We have a light dusting here.
Supposed to get six inches, but just enough to cover the street and that was it.

I was thinking -- if you were stranded in a snow drift with your Passion Party kit, is there anything in there to help you survive? I mean besides the nipple nibblers to keep your lips from chapping. Is there edible undies to munch on? Any thing heated???
Oh, the thoughts that go through my mind...

But I'm glad it was a successful party!