Monday, November 13, 2006

Party On!

In case you all are wondering why I have not been abloggin’ for a couple of days, it is because this was the weekend of parties. I did a Passion Party at my house on Friday night, a Passion Party on Saturday afternoon, and a Discovery Toys party on Saturday night. I am tired. Very tired.

Friday night was my first Passion Party, and I had a lot of friends over. I sold over $700 of merchandise, and I make 40%, so it was a good profit for one evening. The problem is that I think I will do much better at this when I am doing it for people I don’t know. People share waaaaay more information than I imagined. I now have visuals in my head of one of my friends who apparently enjoys some very hardcore activities. And I will never be able to look one friend’s husband in the eye again without the voice inside my head screaming “PREMATURE EJACULATOR!!!”

Luckily, I had so much fun that it’s all worth it. It was a fun party, and I have seven people now interested in booking parties! Seven!! Four of them already have dates set for their parties. And three people were interested in information about joining Passion Parties. How cool is that?!

Saturday afternoon, I headed down to the Plaza because a gal was having a slumber party at one of the fancy schmancy hotels, and she wanted me to come by and bring my stuff. These ladies seemed to be the antithesis of the women at my party. The hostess was really enjoying it, but her friends seemed shocked when I began my whole spiel about the G-spot, and they looked downright terrified when I pulled out the rotating vibrators. Oh well, I guess everyone isn’t into it.

I went straight from there to do a Discovery Toys party, with one quick stop at Caribou. More on Caribou coffee tomorrow, but you must stop in and try their holiday drinks. Their Gingerbread Latte is heaven in a cup, and about a zillion times better than Starbucks!

Anyway, I was desperately trying to switch mental gears to toys of the more wholesome variety. Everyone at that party seemed to have a great time. And since I mentioned that I am an equal opportunity toy provider, I even had one lady ask me if I had any Passion Parties catalog. Luckily, I always carry them!

I stayed late because my friend Heather #2, the hostess, makes kick-ass party food, and I missed dinner. So after I ate her out of house and home, I went home and lapsed into a coma for about three hours until Georgia woke up at 2 am. Hopefully one of these days I’ll catch up on my sleep. I have a few days where I can relax before I have to start thinking about Thanksgiving. Oh, the stress.


Morgen said...

You have more toys in your bag than Santa Claus!
Just remember to keep the "sample" bags separate!!!
Get some rest (yeah, I know, I know...)
love ya,

maggie said...

Oh my from Premature ejaculator to discovery learning what a pendulum.

With this nifty words like premature ejaculator, passion, hardcore, g spot and vibrators you blog is sure to get alot of new kinds of hits.

Julie said...

LOVE Caribou. SO much better than Starbucks. All of their coffee drinks are just smoother and yummier, and way less bitter than the 'Bucks. I wish there were more 'Bous around.

Is it even worth it to still do the Discovery Toys parties? It looks like the people at those parties wind up asking for the Passion Parties stuff anyway! :-)

Sparky said...

Oh wow, anything premature is not good. Though, oh ya know what, I am not even going to try and wade into this discussion.

Love the Caribou coffee breakfast bars though.

Slackermommy said...

You go girl! Thats some serious cash for an evening of talking dirty!