Monday, November 06, 2006

Adult toy headache

Ugh! I just watched Desperate Housewives, and I was crying when the bitchy lady got shot. I didn’t even like her, yet I’m sitting there bawling. I also came to the realization that I really need to read a careful description of what is going to happen on a TV show before I watch it. The gunplay in tonight’s episode got a lot of attention from Eli.

“Mommy! Mommy! What’s she doing? Why is she doing that? Why is she yelling? Is she mad?”

I didn’t expect Desperate Housewives to be more freaking violent than Prison Break. I think I am going to have to start taping everything and watching TV late at night.

The rest of my weekend was filled with studying up on my new products since my big Passion Party is Friday night. I locked myself in the bedroom today and surrounded myself with various creams, edible lotions and adult toys. I have studied these products so much that my head is starting to spin. Ironically, many of the products I’m studying also spin. And buzz. And whir. Among other things.

I am not going to purchase the pillow, although I’m glad all of you seemed to get a kick out of it. Let me assure you that I myself was truly speechless when I first saw it as well. My husband is determined to find a giant penis pillow to go with it but he is unsure of where the giant rhinestone would go.

At least by shadowing parties, I have learned a lot of informational tidbits to throw into my demo. But I think I’m done shadowing parties as I seem to freak out the partygoers. They’re drunk and having fun, and I have out my giant notebook taking notes on phermones. I don’t think they know how to react to me.

Friday night, the party I shadowed was for a bunch of 20-something girls. They were very interested in the Silky Sheets product. I love this one because it has the phermones in it, which, among other things, calms children. When my kids are having trouble sleeping, I spray the Silky Sheets on their beds. It works like a charm. Georgia takes a long nap every time I do that.

I related this story at the party because I think it’s a major selling point. They all looked at me like I’m nuts because that wasn’t why they were interested in it. Silky Sheets absorbs moisture, so the “magical use” is that it dries that pesky wet spot in the time it takes you to go to the bathroom and come back. It really is amazing. I just need to get more in tune with my audience so I will know which features to focus on the most.

But since I use Nipple Nibblers as a lip gloss and cuticle conditioner, I think I still have a ways to go.


Slackermommy said...

I was bawling like a baby too. I just wrote about it on my blog. So glad I wasn't the only one.

Sounds like you're having fun with the Passion Parties. I'd love to host a party for you if you're ever in St. Louis. Only a 4 hour drive!

Unknown said...

oh my goodness, first let me say I just saw the pillow!! that is freaking hilarious! ive been to those parties and they tell you that the gag reflex stuff is good for a teething baby! So hey dont feel alone! ive been to several where they tell you uses you wouldnt normally think of for these things! have fun with the parties!

Mo and The Purries said...

I love how it says that Silky Sheets is great for use in the car, too.
So the next time you want to "have fun" in the traffic jam, just spritz some Silky Sheets.

I think it is freaking hilarious that you use Silky Sheets to help Georgia nap & you watch Desperate Housewives with Eli. You certainly are one progressive Mom!

As for where the rhinestone would go on Eric's pillow -- hasn't he ever heard of a Prince Albert? Some of them are decorated with jewlery. Not that I know about these things, of course not, no....

Sadie said...

That's funny- I don't have kids, but I want the Silky Sheets for my own naps. Or for the dogs.

Twentysomethings. Oh to be young and carefree again. ;)

crazymumma said...

You are cracking me up! You are like a very naughty Avon lady.

Ian said...

As far as where to put the rhinestone on Eric's could try a Prince Albert or an Ampallang. Warning: links not work-safe!


Ian said...

Oh, I just noticed Morgen beat me to it. Sneaky bastard... :P


Anonymous said...

Hey Passion sister!

The diamond would go on the frenulum (spelling?) it is the little heart shape on the back side of the penis! Maybe that is the Prince Albert thing... ok so I sell Passion Parties too, but have no idea what a Prince Albert is? Anyone want to clue me in.
Neila your party is going to be great!

Slacker Mommie-
You could just sign up to be a P.P. lady and do your own party and make all the money :)

It's not as naughty as you think it is! Ha ha!
See ya later Neila-