Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hits and Misses

Well, out of all the new recipes I tried this year, the winner was Manchego Mashed Potatoes. Did anyone else tried those? Super yummy!! Other than that, I think I had some misses. That’s what I get for mixing things up. I really liked the Pumpkin Muffin Stuffin. Unfortunately, my dad refused to even try it. I thought I was doing good keeping him in the dark and not telling him what was in it. It didn’t occur to me that he read the recipe on my blog the day before. (insert head slap)

Oh well. It was something different. That’s the main comment I got from everyone else at the table. “Welllll, it’s different.” Uh huh.

Now, the chocolate pecan pie was Yum-O in my opinion. Unfortunately, that didn’t go over with anyone else either!!! I know! Can you believe that?! That one got comments like “too rich” or “too chocolatey.” Please! As if there is such a thing as too chocolatey! These people must be on crack.

All in all, Thanksgiving went well. Eric was up at 4 am Friday morning because he loves me so much he went to wait in line at Circuit City to get me a new laptop for $299. Alas, about 200 people were able drag themselves out of bed before Eric, so he didn’t get one. But, it’s the thought that counts, which means sex for him. So he wins, no matter what.

Tonight, Eric’s parents watched the kids so we could have a rare date night. Since we have no family in town, date night is a very infrequent occurrence. For our date night, we went and saw Casino Royale. I told Eric he owes me a chick movie, since I saw a guy movie. He said that I got a lot out of it, since the new James Bond is the hottest one yet, and you get to see him a lot with his shirt off. Although that is all true, there are enough car chases and explosions to definitely classify it as a guy movie.

It was pretty good for a Bond movie, but at 2 ½ hours, I think it could have been shorter. But I got to enjoy popcorn and milk duds, so who am I to complain.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you’re all coming out of your tryptophan coma in time to enjoy a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

Casino Royale SUCKED!!!

SQT said...

Huh? I loved Casino Royale and so did pretty much everyone I know who has seen it. Maybe that's anonymous didn't put in their identity. Too much flak from the rest of the Daniel Craig fan club.

I think the pumpkin stuffing sounds goooood. And come on, chocolate and pecan pie? Does it ger any better? Maybe it was just too much of a good thing and they were reeling from the effects unable to give a coherent answer. That must've been it.

Mo and The Purries said...

Your family MUST be crack-heads.
Chocolate pecan pie is my #1 favorite pie (called Derby Pie back home in Kentucky). You can send me the leftovers!!!

We haven't seen Casino Royale yet, but everyone who has has said it's good. Anonymous above must be one of your crack-addicted relatives! :)

Wow -- Eric is one brave man -- 4am on a day off. No frick'n way, Jose. But I'm glad about the sex part. ;) You don't call yourself Passions By Neila Dot Com for nothin'.

By the way -- the comment on my blog about Eli going commando was priceless! I almost spewed my coffee! (don't worry, no caffeine was wasted/splurted this morning!)

I had a migraine yesterday -- on black friday, of all times -- Six excedrin AND a prescription 600mg pain killer couldn't make a dent. Fortunately, I had a cashier working, so I could just sit and answer questions. By the time the work day was done, I was feeling better, but if you've ever had a migraine you know that AFTER is almost as bad -- I felt like my knees were made of jello and I felt like a wet sponge that someone had wrung out and thrown on the bathroom floor -- you know in the corner, where the lint balls and weird hairs congregate. Eeeeewwww.

Today is better so far.
Have a nice weekend.
Glad You & Eric got a date night.
I'm sure Georgia & Eli had a good grandparents' night, too.

love ya,

Irene said...

Glad to know you had a happy Thanksgiving celebration, Neila! I want some of that pecan pie. Nothing is ever too chocolatey for me! ;p

Anonymous said...

Oh, the pie does sound good. I am glad you enjoyed your date night. That is what holidays are all about, getting a break!

Margo said...

Oh, I LOVE chocolate pecan pie. You have just inspired me my dear! :-)

Margo said...

I LOVE chocolate pecan pie!

You have just inspired me, my dear! :-)

Ian said...

So, I have to know...what do you get in a $299 laptop? A 5 1/4" floppy drive, a black & white monitor, and 64 kb of RAM?

I need a new laptop too.


Anonymous said...

Well, I followed your recipe and my family loved your chocolate pecan pie!

Anonymous said...

I tried the chocolate pecan pie and loved it but I got the same kind of reaction you did out of everyone else. They must all be on crack!