Monday, November 20, 2006

And the winner is . . . is up and running! Thank you everyone for your suggestions. This one was my husband’s pick, so he is now feeling superior. My choice was, which was the runner up.

With all this Passion talk, I have inadvertently turned myself into a porn site. We went for our weekly library visit today (because God forbid we should go one more day without a new Blue’s Clues video). Anyway, I logged onto the library computer to check out my Web site. I do this occasionally, mainly just to check out how my blog and images look on different computers. This was never a problem in any of my previous library visits. Today, it was.

I typed in my card number, logged on and typed in The big warning page appeared. It said, “You are not able to access this Web page because the library filtering system has deemed it PORNOGRAPHIC.” And yes, it did say pornographic in all caps and bold letters. I sheepishly looked around to make sure the entire library wasn’t standing behind my shoulder watching me try to access porn.

After my initial shock, I decided to find it amusing. My mommy blog that I started in June has now entered into the realm of pornography. My husband was not shocked at all. The second I mentioned “Crazy Sex Lady” in my blog, he said, "I'm out," and stopped visiting Blog That Mommy! at work. Probably a good idea. The last thing I need is for my husband to get fired for reading my freaking mommy blog. *sigh*

Oh well, I hope you all continue to enjoy my blog. Just keep in mind that I’m no longer work safe. You can fret about the fact that you’re visiting a pornographic Web site while enjoying my recipe below for Manchego Smashed Potatoes.


Hulai said...

well dont feel alone my work computer deemed it pornographic too! But i will check it out tomarrow when I have nothing else to do!! woohoo no school for two weeks!

Irene said...

Only YOU can successfully produce a delicious mix of porn and mashed potatoes, Mommy Neila! Have a passionately fun week ahead! ;p

maggie said...

LOL. Thats too funny. Your name is probably on a list somewhere in the library for trying to access porn sites. It'll get even funnier when you have to explain to the 60 year old librarian that it is YOUR porn site. LOL. Just kidding.

jbwritergirl said... 'Manchego Smashed Potatoes' code for slather me with whipped cream and make me your desert???

Momish said...

That is just too funny! And, I loved that name!

Slackermommy said...

Neila the porn star! I wonder if my blog is pornographic? I get a lot of sickos surfing for a "tasty vagina" and "men who like to breastfeed".

Hulai said...

Ha! Adam choked when he walked in and your site was up! He asked me just what it was I was trying to find. Me being totally out of it in the other room, had no clue what he was talking about. Until I went back in our room and saw what he was looking at! He never knew there were so many "toys"!!!! IT was priceless!