Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Feast

Since I am in the midst of making tons of party food for my Passion Party Friday night, I thought I would go ahead and participate in Friday Feast by posting my Oreo Truffles. I’ve had these at several parties, so I think they’re a popular recipe. Yet, I still had issues. Next time I will probably melt the chocolate with a little margarine or maybe some milk to thin it out because it got waaaay too thick while I was dipping the balls, and it turned into a bit of a mess. So, now I have messy balls. I’m sure they’ll still be good. I’m also having little smokies. Balls and wieners. And I wasn’t even going for a theme party.

But before I get to my recipe, I have to relate how much I completely spaced out today. I went to Eli’s parent-teacher conference this morning, and I even got there 15 minutes early. I got to sit in the little chair outside the office and drink my coffee in peace. It was fabulous. The conference went well. I discovered that Eli is being stalked by a cute little 3-year-old named Audrey. I also found out that he likes to take things apart at preschool just like he does at home. Apparently, he got a hold of a little screwdriver in the classroom, and attempted to take the doorknobs off the doors. I’m sure he would have succeeded if they hadn’t stopped him. One day at home he disassembled one of our bar stools when I thought he was watching Dora. I can’t take my eyes off of that kid for a second!

After I got home, the vacuum broke down, I had an unexpected visit from a neighbor, and I completely forgot the kids had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. I made an appointment two weeks ago for them to go in today to get flu shots. I checked my calendar earlier in the week to double-check the time. And I forgot. I don’t mean that I remembered an hour later. I completely forgot. The only reason I remember it now is because I just checked my email, and my friend sent me one that said, “How did the flu shots go?” *Gasp* Oh, triple crap!!!

The combination of busy and tired sends important information flying out of my ears. Thank God for Aaron, my coffee God, or I would lapse into a coma. I can’t wait to tell you my excitement over my free coffee. That will be in this weekend’s blog.

Anyway, on to the recipe for Oreo Truffles:

1 lb. Oreo cookies (3 sleeves)
8 oz. cream cheese, room temperature
1 lb. milk chocolate
½ lb. white chocolate

1. Using food processor (or Magic Bullet), grind cookies to a fine powder.
2. With a mixer, blend cookie powder and cream cheese until thoroughly mixed.
3. Roll into small balls and place on wax-lined cookie sheet.
4. Refrigerate for 45 minutes.
5. In double boiler (or microwave), melt chocolate.
6. Dip balls and coat thoroughly.
7. Left balls out of chocolate and let excess chocolate drip off.
8. Place on wax-paper-lined cookie sheet.
9. In separate bowl, melt white chocolate.
10. Using a fork, drizzle white chocolate over balls.
11. Let cool.
12. Store in airtight container, in refrigerator.


Morgen said...

Messy balls.
Hate it when that happens.

Oreo Truffles making me drool.

Here, will this help you in your "oh crap" guilt about forgetting the Dr's appointment: I was sitting here staring at my PageADay calendar yesterday (November 9th) thinking... is there something I forgot? Then I remembered my anniversary was November 7th.
OH Expletive Deleted!
The saddest part was, Lee never said anything, either. I wracked up the courage to ask him about it last night, and he just said, "Oh, yeah I forgot, too..."
You know your relationship is stagnant when...

So, anyway, don't feel bad about forgetting Flu shots -- I feel like crapola enough for both of us!

Irene said...

Passion and Oreo Truffles - a most perfect combination. Have a good weekend ahead, Mommy Neila! c",)

SQT said...

Your messy balls story reminded me of the SNL skit with Alec Baldwin called Schweaty Balls. I love that bit.

Julie said...

Heh heh you said, "left balls out of chocolate"...heh heh....left ball...out of chocolate...heh heh

Sparky said...

Oh sounds very very yummy, Mines up too

ian said...

I keep thinking of the Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls.


SQT said...

I keep thinking of the Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls.

I remember a song where he say's "put 'em in your mouth and suck 'em..." That just cracked me up.

Messy Mom said...

Those oreo truffles sound yummy...and I just love to make a mess! I might have to make those to bring for Thankgiving!